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User Journal

Journal: Journals. Hmm. Why the hell not? 2

Journal by TellarHK

Journals. Huh. I kept a LiveJournal a while back, but got pretty bored with it. I figure what I'll do is check this sort of thing out here on Slashdot and see if folks actually ever notice it. I'm not really anyone of importance, so if you're expecting me to have industry-shattering news or inside information, I apologise now.

What I can promise though, is pretty regular rants and ravings on things that happen to cross my path. Why not, right? Isn't the Internet supposed to be the land of the flame and the home of the rave?

Right now the big things in my technical life are searching for gainful employment, working on a writer's toolkit project I've started designing, and some game development I'm doing with a friend using the Torque (Formerly V12) engine that Tribes 2 is based on. I have a degree in programming, but with a specialization in Visual Basic and we all know how useful that's going to be. Will someone do me a huge favor and show me how the hell to use SQL in Cocoa on OS X? :)

I'll write more later, once I have a good rant in hand and ready to unleash upon the world.

Blinding speed can compensate for a lot of deficiencies. -- David Nichols