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Comment: Re:Use phonetic spelling (Score 1) 624

That wud B GR8.

I wonder if you're trying to be sarcastic -- spelling out letters like B as 'be' is not exactly phonetic. I once tried explaining to a Briton how Finnish is a phonetic language, and you just read anything by pronouncing each letter as they are, which she mistook as spelling out.

Of course, while I'm being pedantic, you'd also need a thorn/theta for the 'th' sound...

Comment: Needs GNU (Score 1) 1168

Finland's official Pravda^W^Wleading newspaper had an article on this particularly American issue. The main thesis is that you guys have a lot of freedom to offend and beat up each other, because any government intervention would go against the natural freedom of free men to do unto each other as they like. Of course, the follow-up is reduced freedom for individuals in lots of ways. You guys have more freedom than us in certain ways, but as a result you have less freedom in some other ways. It's hard to say which way is right, but it sure sounds a lot like BSD vs. GNU.

Personally, I'm in for more freedom in some areas. Finland officially switched from the Eastern Bloc into the EU 20 years ago, but I'm yet to see the full effects.

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