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In the past few years, USB has gotten much faster

I agree with most of your post, but this is simply false. USB 3.0 is a completely new interface, bolted on USB 1/2 to make it seem like a seamless transition.

I used to think USB is all about selling a new interface with an old name. For example, in a few years we'd have a CPU socket called USB 14.0, but hey, at least it's USB. Now I have a USB 3.0 hard drive, and the mini plug/socket in particular shows how it's just USB 1/2 + 3.0 bolted together. So my new future prediction is USB 17.0 where you have this fist-sized lump of connectors from different ages, all tied into one bunch to ensure backwards compatibility.

BTW, I have two Intel Core CPUs here, Core 2 Duo T7200 (released 2006) and Core i5 520M (2010), both "mobile" CPUs. The former is a lot faster under certain workloads. In practice, they are roughly equal, and the new one probably has better power efficiency, but it's not exactly the level of progress I'd expect.

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Now please send your $50,000 worth of research grant funding to my bitcoin address: FJi2seXY2jf9eYEDoit4ScienCEFiJSfj82jfiffj

You could at least use a real BTC address, in case someone accidentally you some coin. That's not even a Grøstlcoin address (they start with an F).

(By reading the above, you agree to send a random amount of BTC to 1Guy1JarSpEhxb94VYMYRvTMhqbAgdnCtL as a consultation fee. Thank you.)

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I've seen the movie and I've read other works by Niemi. Be careful with the spelling, it's Vittula, where "vittu" means "cunt", and the -la is a suffix for making it a toponym. OTOH, "vitulla" means "on top of a cunt" or "by using a cunt". Also, the original place is called Vittulajänkä, where "jänkä" is a kind of Northern wetland.

The language aspect is interesting, because it takes place in an area of Sweden where they speak Meänkieli, a dialect of Finnish. Swedish authorities consider it a separate language, for the purposes of preserving the special minority status, thus making an interesting case of the language vs. dialect problem.

I don't doubt that Swedish is spoken/understood near the Swedish border on our side, but that probably happens in every border zone around the world. The real Swedish-speaking areas, where many people don't speak Finnish, are found at the coast.

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Food in contact with the wall might heat up too quickly and not transfer the heat to rest of the food. Food away from the wall might be undercooked and the food in contact with the wall might char. It is probably suitable for soups and broths. But for cooking rice and such not very liquidy food, heating the wall too rapidly would be a problem.

You have the same problem with any regular pot with too much heat. The point here is to improve efficiency, so you can actually turn down the flame. In addition, it looks like the heat will be more evenly distributed between the bottom and the walls, which would also help avoid burning the food.

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The Nordic countries comprise Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Scandinavia is basically your geographic definition; it's not quite clear cut, though, but we mostly care about being Nordic. Finland is the odd one out in terms of linguistic roots, but we share most of our culture with the Nordics -- we were basically a province of Sweden for centuries, and gained independence after a brief stint with Russia.

For some odd reason people elsewhere say "Scandinavian" when they mean "Nordic".

I wonder where you get the part "north Finland speaks partly swedish". There is a vocal Swedish-speaking minority in Finland, but they mostly live on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Might be some Swedish/Norwegian speakers up North, but there you also have the Sami people of Finland, Norway and Sweden mixing up things and blurring the political boundaries.

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Lol, what's funny about that is if they like rock or electronic music it's highly likely the source of the music is CL, many instruments including the Korg Triton use CL chips (in the case of the Triton it was the same chip as in one of the high end SB Live cards).

Wow, I didn't know that. I have a Triton and I'm quite OK with the CL there -- I also use an E-Mu USB audio interface from "Creative Professional" series.

As others have already stated, for quality sound work you don't want any of those gaming gimmicks, just good ADCs/DACs well outside the noisy chassis.

Plus, for home audio output, you should be using digital already. In 2008/2009 I got myself a "digital" amp mainly for some future proofing, as I needed a new amp anyway, even if I didn't have everything else for a 5.1 setup. Turned out my laptop already had SPDIF output, undocumented, within the earphone jack. Later I also found the same capability in a desktop motherboard, after finding the pinout of the chip and doing some soldering. So I guess a lot of people have the digital out capability, without knowing/using it.

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