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Comment Re:Alienware (Score 1) 665

Did you realize that the Alienware 7700 (Clevo D900T) is an MXM slot video card?

Did you try buying ANY other MXM slot video to make it functional before you butchered it?

I bought my Sager brand Clevo D901C precisely for the MXM video. You went to Alienware (DELL) for an overpriced part which isn't produced anymore when you could have gone to a place like mxm-upgrade.com for a low-end card or any of the dozens of Clevo/Sager resellers and got a modern part.

Submission + - RSA Vulnerable to Irony (securescience.net)

lacker2000 writes: A week prior to the RSA Conference 2009, Secure Science Corporation exposed 3 vulnerabilities within the "rsaconference.com" website that if manipulated by criminals could have ruined all the fun for the conference. Less than a week after, a live cross-site scripting vulnerability was located within the search engine of the "rsa.com" website. All of these feats were posted as a set of 5 "blogisodes" ending in an eloquent diatribe chronicling SSC's difficult experience with obtaining their conference badges as they were held in purgatory while being given the third degree by the conference managers regarding the public disclosure of their research.

Comment Student electees are non-office and have no rights (Score 1) 516

Unfortunately what we're seeing here is how student government office holders are typically official powerless figureheads meant to keep a lid on direct student action and unrest.

The MSU Bulk E-Mail policy allows for emailing "information regarding changes of University policies or procedures" but the privilege of exercising these speech rights is reserved to "only by University offices". Student governments are typically not an official university office and have no rights under any of the policies which exempt the first year teaching assistant.

Even worse, students are officially customers of the university yet constrained by draconian state laws which constrain their behavior as if they were minors in the care of the state and every university staff or faculty member were their guardians.

I encourage students everywhere to encourage their universities to adopt a "grown-up" student government policy where student office holders are official employees of the state and actually represent the interests of their constituents / the university's customers. Vote with your (or your parent's) dollars: attend schools which respect their customer's rights!

Techies Keen to Keep Jobs In the Family 260

Stony Stevenson writes "IT staff are 'overwhelmingly' happy to recommend their profession to their children, a survey has found. Three-quarters of nearly 1,000 IT professionals surveyed said that they would 'definitely recommend' a career in the business to their offspring. Around 70 percent also felt that their jobs are secure, and that they are expecting a salary increase next year. The survey also found that 86 per cent of respondents expect to move jobs voluntarily in the next three years."

Submission + - Review of AT&T U-verse Service

MadHungarian writes: "Recently both my girlfriend's cell phone contract and mine were up at about the same time. So we decided to combine on a family plan and get a couple of new phones. (Interesting sidebar, she's from Finland but got a Samsung phone, I got a Nokia!) At the AT&T store, the salesman told us the we could get the U-verse service. Combination tv/internet/phone and the price was a bit less than Comcast for equivalent service. I opted for internet+TV, no phone, So here is my review.

The installation
The tech came pretty at the time scheduled, it took about 4 hours to run/update the coax. She did a neat job, better than Comcast did. There were problems with the signal on the phone line, so we had to wait for a another tech to fix that problem. Also, there were problems setting up the account online, so she had to call phone support. All-in-all, she was at the house about 8 hours.

The internet
The download speed was consistently 5 — 6 Mbs, the upload speed was consistently 0.8 — 1.0Mbs. This part of the service I was very pleased with.

The television
Here is where it fell down, I had to pay and extra $10 for high-def, and there were fewer HD channels than Comcast. Also, some local stations (Fox sports) were not available in HD, and the Canadian CBC station (I live in Michigan) was not available. Both were available on Comcast, and being a hockey fan — these stations are very important to me. Also, the HD channels continuously broke up/pixalated. Repeated calls to tech. support were unable to resolve them. The quality of the TV service was the deal breaker.

Also, U-verse uses Yahoo, and my account was never set up properly. repeated calls again were unable to solve the problem.

I ended up canceling the service, I was told I would receive boxes to return the equipment in a few days, and had 20 days to return the equipment. Fast forward 30 days, the boxes have not arrived, and after several calls to AT&T, I finally found out there was a 60 to 90 day delay on the return boxes — I guess I am not the only unhappy camper.

BTW — for trying the service, our 2 new phones were free maybe I'l review my Nokia 6555 someday."

Submission + - "No porn, no ads, no BSODs, please: we're Goog (apcmag.com)

VasDeferens writes: "Google has opened up the theming of its iGoogle custom-homepage to anyone. But it's gone all paternalistic about what we can put on our own homepages. Me, I like porn stars; dodgy 80s music; hurling random abuse at George Bush and celebrating operating system failure screens. But according to Google, building a theme for my iGoogle homepage around any of them isn't actually possible."

Submission + - Wii warm-up hones surgical skills (newscientist.com)

MSRedfox writes: "You might think it a bad idea for trainee surgeons to play games on the Nintendo Wii when they should be studying, but it might be time well spent." "Wii-playing residents scored 48 per cent higher on tool control and performance than those without the Wii warm-up." Once again, the Wii is being used by non-gaming crowds with good success. More about the study can be found at http://technology.newscientist.com/channel/tech/mg19726396.100-a-wii-warmup-hones-surgical-skills.html

Boot Record Rootkit Threatens Vista, XP, NT 261

Paul sends us word on a new exploit seen in the wild that attacks Windows systems completely outside of the control of the OS. "Unfortunately, all the Windows NT family (including Vista) still have the same security flaw — MBR [Master Boot Record] can be modified from usermode. Nevertheless, MS blocked write-access to disk sectors from userland code on VISTA after the pagefile attack, however, the first sectors of disk are still unprotected... At the end of 2007 stealth MBR rootkit was discovered by MR Team members (thanks to Tammy & MJ) and it looks like this way of affecting NT systems could be more common in near future if MBR stays unprotected."

Microsoft Apologizes To Rival 151

Geoffrey.landis writes "Microsoft apologized to rival software vendor Corel Corp. for saying that Corel's file format posed a security risk, and issued a set of tools to unblock file types that had been blocked by default in the December Office 2003 service pack. In his blog on the Microsoft site, David Leblanc says 'We did a poor job of describing the default format changes.' He goes on to explain, 'We stated that it was the file formats that were insecure, but this is actually not correct. A file format isn't insecure — it's the code that reads the format that's more or less secure.' As noted by News.com, 'it is the parsing code that Office 2003 uses to open and save the file types that is less secure.' Larry Seltzer at pcmag.com also blogs the story."

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