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Comment: Re:Reflects poorly (Score 1) 1223

by Tehrasha (#41473317) Attached to: Torvalds Uses Profanity To Lambaste Romney Remarks
But he recanted... so all is well...

It shouldn't matter a wit, what Linus' political opinion is, any more than the brand of car he drives. But for some, it will.

Its not like the community condones murder just because some people like/use ReiserFS... But some refuse to use the fs for that reason alone.

In the end, his comments, or anyone else's for that matter, reflect upon the community only as much as the reader thinks they do. You cant change that.

Comment: Re:Unblock requests (Score 1) 167

by Tehrasha (#39607911) Attached to: The Optimum Attack Rate For SSH Bruteforce? Once Every Ten Seconds
Good luck paying customer service to handle requests to reset these blocks once your customers forget their passwords

Typically there is an account 'lock' mechanism in place before the IP block. Something along the lines of answering 5 personal questions to unlock the account for n-more attempts, But guess who still gets to handle issues of not remembering 'Your favorite TV show ?' Especially when its been years since you answered that question last...

once an attacker gets hold of a particular customer's username and intentionally fails to block the legitimate user.

Not an issue, unless the attacker is at the same IP as the legit user.

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