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+ - Google/Samsung changes to SD card behaviour in KitKat (4.4.2) breaks apps.->

Submitted by TeddyR
TeddyR (4176) writes "With the widespread release of Androif 4.4.2 (kitkat) to many Samsung devices worldwide and specifically now with the US rollout by major providers in the US it seems that Samsung has decided to implement Googles latest API regulations for SD Card storage. This breaks MANY third party applications since only the Google/System/OEM/Carrier signed apps can now write to the external SD Card thus making MANY paid applications useless.

Confirmed affected: TMobile and Sprint Samsung Note 3 and potentially the Galaxy S4 and upcoming Galaxy S5. This change affects ALL Samsung KitKat 4.4.2 devices, including the Note 2, S3 once KitKat is released to those devices.

Time to call your carrier and lodge a complaint to ask that they request that this "feature" be returned to the original behavior.


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+ - How useful is ipv6 depends on the destination webs->

Submitted by TeddyR
TeddyR (4176) writes "IPv6 enabled TOP 1000000 websites as of Jan 8 2012
From the site:
"Here is a list which contains all popular sites (according to Alexa) with an IPv6 address. Out of the 990068 tested websites only 14229 have one or more IPv6 addresses. That is 1.44%.
  Out of the 24500 IPv6 addresses 18766 are connectable. That is 76.6%."

Even more shocking is that many of the top ipv6 sites are not the "goto" sites for many users and are not US based sites, showing how far the US must go in order for ipv6 to be useful.

A question for slashdot maintainers: why isnt on the list by now?"

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