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Comment Re:See (Score 1) 110

I find sometimes it is best to make it blow up to get it fixed.

Sometimes a bug is managed and annoys a lot of people.

Remember the fake PC support scam from a year ago? The calls have pretty much stopped once it became game on to call them and abuse them in a virtual PC and post the results online.

If this remains unfixed, there should be some way to bait it to overload the workers responding and never sending money.

How many users can a gambling website support who have no credit cards? Join and try to get technical support because your ficticious credit card isn't working. Overload them, then it will get fixed.

Comment Developers, Developers, Developers (Score 1) 308

Unfortunately Windows 10 will be constrained by the limited memory and speed on the Pi.

So to quote someone about Developers, Developers, Developers, All the apps are already built for Raspberian that can't currently run on Windows on the Pi.

I bought a couple of the SBC to run Falcon Pi Player and run a small version of Asterisk for my SIP home office phone system. I don't know how either could possibly run under the overhead of Windows 10.

This is only two examples of the many wonderful things being done on the Pi without Windows.

Want to see what a Pi can do without Windows 10? One of the greatest animated light displays last year had the sequence and music played on a Pi. Great timing, no glitches, no crashes. Why mess it up trying to run this under Windows.

Comment Re:Detecting employees (Score 1) 279

Detecting an employee cam is not really all that difficult if done from the booth. Due to the geometry of the projected image on the screen, keystone distortion gives a combination of projection angle and viewer angle. Modern digital projectors have keystone correction. Old film projectors simply had aperture plates. Here is the difference.

An aperture plate is inserted into the projector to mask the sides and top and bottom of the projection beam to fit the screen. It provided no keystone correction. If a monitor test grid were projected, it would have keystone distortion with the lines narrow at the top due to the above audience projection angle. This applied to all 35mm and 70mm film projection. In short throw theatres, some barrel distortion is also introduced.

In digital projection, keystone distortion can be adjusted out by setting up the projector with a test pattern to make the geometry correct even with off axis projection.

No consumer phone that I know of has keystone correction for off axis correction of a film projected onto a flat screen. This will reveal the camera location when compared to the original projected image.

Most modern films are Digital, especially blockbusters. This means in most cases the projector has been professionally aligned to the screen with Keystone correction. With this knowledge, any keystone distortion and barrel distortion would be from the angle and distance of the camera from the flat projection surface. Shots taken from above the audience are taken from the projection booth.

With watermarking, a stray dot, blip, extra few frames between scenes, or other subtle alterations can identify which movie screen showed which film at what time. From there forensics can identify the general location in the theatre the cam was deployed. It's easy enough to identify a booth recording from the keystone.

Comment Old and died I think PICK AT (Score 1) 429

I remember running into a PICK AT system for a database application server quite a few years ago. Making a back up of the OS was difficult due to the non standard format. Found very little info on it at the time which made life difficult to service the system. It ran on a PC AT in the time of DOS.

Wikipedia on PICK

Comment Re:Blind test. (Score 5, Interesting) 588

Some cell tower companies and ham radio operators moving into elite neighbourhoods with high lawyer representation often will pre build the expansion and not install the equipment to collect baseline data and use the new complaints and lawsuits as baseline of the pre existing conditions. It's hard to make a case against the new cell tower or ham radio operator when the court case reveals to the plaintiffs the only operating device is the obstruction beacon.

Later when the equipment arrives and is installed, the community is not informed. Only then can the real cases be identified. Most of the time, the numbers are in the 0's.

If you put up a tower in a nice neighbourhood, make it look nice. Leave it unpowered for a few months. Reduce power on nearby towers to make marginal areas worse. Offer better signal by upgrades to nearby towers. Switch on the new tower to cover the poor coverage areas. Result, more even signal coverage with fewer towers running high power to reach into dead zones.

Comment Re:Oblig xkcd (Score 1) 170

LOL. Have a fast computer and fast connection, however the security filter reduces that to slower than home DSL for internal sites. What good is a 100+ meg connection verifiable by DSL reports when the corporate VPN appears to be on a bank of 56K dial up modems?

Slashdot is what you do while waiting for Remote Desktop to refresh.

Comment Re:Classic FUD (Score 1) 373

I leave my fob battery at home ever since I learned about the replay attacks and had a physical key (no chip) for my keyring made. FOB without a battery works as a regular chipped key when inserted in the slot in the dash. Actually, the battery died and I never bothered to replace it.

You can't do a replay attack if there is no signal to read.

Comment Re:The reason Google Hangouts is vacant. (Score 1) 152

This is the very reason I don't have a Google Hangouts account or post anything on a company internal or external site. Any objections to the content can be a career limiting move. I've seen this way too often. I don't give my employer my nicks or post from work.

Don't want any real life people thinking they can lay a world of hurt in a real way for something posted in the virtual world. Too many micro-managers with power trips out there that have nothing better to do but scrub the company image.

It's not slander if it is true, but that does not stop repercussions if the post is tied to a real life person.

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