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Comment Re:News: Traveling faster than 25mph leads to deat (Score 1) 378

No, the discussion is absolutely about science. Science is a methodology, it's nothing to do with people. Someone calling them self a scientist but making up theories without evidence isn't doing science. Science is how we know train travel isn't dangerous an me science is how we know travel across the solar system is unlikely.

Comment Re:Austin? (Score 1) 464

Follow some of the tech companies that thought the same thing and looked for lower cost data centre cooling bills. Hate to have the neighborhood become crowded, but have you seen the location of the air cooled Facebook Datacenter? Others are moving in for the same reasons. Nearest interstate freeway is about 50 miles away.

https://www.facebook.com/Prine... If you don't like big cities.

Comment Re:Go to bars to drink (Score 3, Informative) 79

Since many are USB devices, and programmed by special barcodes to enable and disable various symbologies, with enough info on the target scanner, you can reprogram the scanner with a barcode to enable a full ascii symbology, then scan in the attack code. Like many thumb drives, BIOS, etc, there is no write protect to prevent unauthorised alteration of the configuration.

Comment Re:Gun free zone = target rich zone (Score -1, Troll) 965

I wonder if they are going to learn from the Swiss that a Gun Free zone is a target zone. People should be trained and armed when there are valid threats in the area. Why just be victims? They have had one mass shooting. Want to guess how it ended?


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