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Internet Explorer

Submission + - Microsoft is a dying consumer brand->

Taxman415a writes: Apparently CNN has noticed what most slashdotters have and have summarized it in an article. The article summarizes the less than stellar performance of, and problems in, nearly every consumer division. It cites StatCounter's data showing IE's market share falling below 50%, and is even smart enough to note that's just one statistic with various problems, though the trend is clear. It also seems that MS doesn't want to compete with Android, so it plans to charge royalty fees to handset makers to discourage them from using it in their products. The conclusion is that MS will just be a commercial, not consumer company. Overall, I'm ok if MS still mints money in those segments if it means that they have to compete on product quality
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Operating Systems

Submission + - First glimpse of MS anti-Apple marketing blitz->

Taxman415a writes: Microsoft Vista's image has really been hurting after the launch and subsequent bad press. It seems they have admitted Apple's famous switch ad campaign has been part of the problem and now a few details are coming out on their own $300 million ad blitz they are planning to try to shore up Vista's image. And of course they chose a Mac shop to do the ad work. And to end with the obligatory question, is it too late? or can the combination of unlimited resources and the fact that Vista isn't as bad as it once was allow Microsoft to change public perception enough to matter?
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