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Submission + - Top German court rejects Apple "slide to unlock" patent on appeal

AmiMoJo writes: Apple Inc patents covering the "slide to unlock" feature on smartphones are invalid, Germany's highest appeals court ruled on Tuesday, reaffirming a 2013 decision rejecting the U.S. company's claims by a lower court. The Neonode N1 had substantially similar technical features, the patent court had found. It ruled Apple's easier-to-use interface was not in itself patentable. Motorola Mobility, at the time a unit of Google Inc but now owned by China's Lenovo Group Ltd, filed the original suit in a Munich court against the Apple user interface patent.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 2) 404

Man dating sites had their employees create fake profiles and message new users, to encourage them to pay. Some guy in Germany IIRC sued one of the big sites because he actually ended up going on a few dates with their female staff, which of course went nowhere. He was a big spender on the site, I don't think they go quite that far for most guys.

Of course there are also loads of prostitutes on there, who you have to pay to message.

Submission + - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plant opens in Hawaii

AmiMoJo writes: There's a big difference between the warm, shallow seawater lapping up against a beach and the icy depths of the ocean. Now, researchers are turning that temperature difference into energy at energy plants all over the world. The newest one opened up in Hawaii last Friday, where it expects to generate around 105kW constantly. OTEC plants operate 24/7, are suitable for base load, and are dispatchable, meaning they can vary their output according to demand. The pilot plant is the largest in the world, with Makai, the developer, signed up to deliver a 1MW plant to the Japanese island of Kyushu and develop a 100MW plant with Lockheed Martin.

Comment Re:What pissed me off... (Score 5, Informative) 400

When you logged in to the app store you were asked if you wanted to convert your account to a Microsoft online account, or just log in to the app store. You must have ignored that question and blindly clicked through it, and hence your account was converted (unfortunately that is the default).

Comment Re:Declare SSID's expensive (Score 2) 186

Both Android and Windows already support this.

On Android go to Settings->Data Usage->menu->Mobile Hotspots and select the networks you want to mark as being "mobile", which will make Android limit data use over them the same way it would over your mobile connection.

On Windows 10, 8 and I think 7 you simply need to mark the selected wifi network as "metered". You can do it by right clicking on the network in the network list when you connect to it. Windows will then limit its use.

Comment Re:Diversity gap is irrelevant (Score 1) 172

You aren't even making sense now. My meaning is clear in the context of your original post. Potential in CS. If you meant something else, you communicated it so badly that the meaning has been lost.

Are you trying to say that you think some populations may have less potential for CS? Or just individuals. If you mean just individuals, then I agree with you but I don't see what it has to do with this scheme. It's like arguing that there is no point teaching maths at school because some kids are not good at it. It makes no sense at all.

Comment Re:Well that's great... (Score 1) 172

The problem with your hypothesis is that the opposite happened. In the 80s and up to about the mid 90s when efforts were being made to attract more women to CS the numbers were higher. It was only when we reached the 2000s that things started to go wrong. Part of it could be the dot-com bubble perhaps, although in the late 90s in particular it was a very lucrative time to be in CS. Lots of jobs, big money paid for fixing the millennium bug etc.

The schemes were a big success, but we stopped doing them. We thought the problem was mostly fixed and we didn't need to keep trying, so things slid backwards. There was also a more general cultural backlash in some areas, with the rise of "ironic" soft porn magazines aimed at young men and other examples of the you-know-that-I-know-that-you-know-it's-sexist thing that was used in a lot of media around then.

Now it's starting to swing back the other way. Even better, this time it's even more inclusive. Thanks to the internet the push-back is also more organized and vocal, but tends to lack the funding that the diversity and access programmes have.

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