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Comment Re:Not too hard (Score 1) 57

Indeed, the signing part is the security flaw. Card numbers on European cards are fairly predictable, usually being only a few digits different to your old card. It doesn't matter though because you can't buy anything without a PIN number or the chip part, or if online without the CVV code on the back which isn't predictable.

Comment Re:For the foreseeable future, right where it's at (Score 1) 191

I think there are still improvements that could be made to TVs that would probably tempt me to upgrade a little earlier.

Remote controls still suck. I connect a Raspberry Pi to my TV and it gets input from the TV's remote via the HDMI cable and CDC protocol. The remote is not very responsive and far from ideal for controlling XBMC, or even smart TV apps for that matter.

Better sound would be nice too. I have a sound bar and sub, but most of the time I'd be happy with TV sound if it was as good as my old CRTs. It's hard to see how it could be done on flat screens, but I'd happily accept an extra 10-20cm depth for really good sound. Maybe we could have a universal standard for wireless sound too, so I don't need to wire in my sound bar and sub.

Bring back plasma. Panasonic were the last people to make good plasma TVs, but gave up because the cost of upgrading to 4k was just too high. The colour on plasma still can't be beat. Maybe if someone can create an LED TV that is as good I'd be interested, but for the moment I'm worried that when my current plasma dies I'll be forced to downgrade.

Add automatic muting during ad breaks. I rarely see them, but I want it anyway.

Comment Re:When You Can't Get A Date...Blow Something Up (Score 1) 449

It's probably more like a correlation between having the kind of personality that is easier to groom for terrorism but also somewhat unattractive.

Anyway, I think it's a myth that engineers and nerds in general do badly with dating. Most I know are married or in relationships. It's just school where people are immature, and I realized that most of the people I liked back then were unsuitable partners anyway.

Comment Re:smart tvs are not smart (Score 1) 141

I have a Panasonic smart TV and it's pretty good. Runs a custom OpenBSD. Reasonable app support, everything works as you would expect. The best part is that it supports screencasting, so you can just beam stuff from your phone or tablet to it. No need to reply on Panasonic for apps or support or even updates. You can firewall the TV from the net if you want, and just stream stuff from apps on your phone.

Comment Re:Nothing to hide (Score 1) 75

If I say "it's a good thing and it will help group B" then it's wildly different then "it's a good thing for group B" (to use your journalistic example). The two are not synonymous and have quite different meanings in the English that I'm familiar with.

This kind of language lawyering means you lost the argument. You are drawing huge inferences that just happen to reflect negatively on me from what is at the absolute worst a slight ambiguity.

If you constantly read everything in this manner, looking for slight flaws that you can pry open into an argument that the writer believes what you think they believe rather than the more obvious and common interpretation, it's going to be hard to have a discussion with anyone.

Comment Re:How to beat any weird screw (Score 1) 225

If the cheap plastic they make BIC pens out of was adequate for making screwdrivers don't you think they would use it? Why go to the expense of a metal screwdriver when plastic will do just fine?

Actually, they do make plastic screwdrivers for turning things like potentiometers. They are used for calibrating things since using a metal one would affect the system being adjusted. If you try to use them on normal metal screws though, you will strip them and need to buy a new one.

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