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Comment Besides Advertising Your Patreon On Here... (Score 1, Troll) 727 727

Don't you think it is disingenuous for anyone to:
(1) Troll GamerGaters at the very beginning, when they were fighting for ethics in Games' Journalism.
(2) Get b***h slapped by a torrent of angry gamers.
(3) Cry on the roof-tops that you're being harassed by "men."
(4) That "men" are scaring "women" from the industry (when you are a trans-woman btw).
(5) Claim to have received death-threats and was too afraid to live in your own home but still gave copious number of interviews from it.
(6) Eventually got around to port your 1 game and it looks like a horrible game from 1996
(7) Create a storm whereever you go on Social Media (beacause maybe you are deranged?) and blame "men" for your shortcomings.
(8) Spoil my Slashdot by showing your creepy face on HERE and ask for money!

Any thoughts?

Submission + - Kaspersky discovers hard-drives riddled with NSA spyware->

Tasha26 writes: The NSA has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard-drives made by top brands including: Seagate, Western Digital, IBM, Toshiba, Samsung and Maxtor, giving the agency a means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers.

An analysis by Russian firm Kaspersky Labs revealed that NSA found a way to install its spyware inside your hard-dirve’s firmware meaning the malware (nls_933w.dll) capable of persisting across machine wipes to re-infect targeted systems. Kaspersky said it found personal computers in 30 countries infected with one or more of the spying programs, with the most infections seen in Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, China, Syria, Yemen and Algeria.

Link to Original Source

Comment AmiMoJo, the SJW Troll (Score 2) 467 467

The memo doesn't mention Gamergate so I had to check who did.

Turns out the source of this summary is The Verge and it is one of the corrupt medias Gamergate is fighting. TheVerge regularly post anti-gamergate articles. So it's only fair they carried on by linking the leaked memo to GamerGate. It is in the interest of the corrupt media to silence their critics. How else will they sell their bullshit lies if there are loud critics on Twitter and Youtube?

P.s. You do not have to be in Gamergate to hate TheVerge, they are the people who brought you and fuelled #ShirtStorm.

Comment (Score 4, Insightful) 693 693

developer? Please go to her shitty website and show me where she held a developer or programmer position?

doxing victim? She re-tweeted a dox and it was a made-up address but never told her followers. She is known to send herself threats & ddos and will then blame others (TFYC, Wizardchan and now GamerGate). This is what we call a professional victim.

Are you Zoe Quinn or her friend ShitLipz? You pathetic person.

Comment Re:This brings up another question ... (Score 1) 335 335

I totally understand. I do not understand these pathetic people (men and women) who create sockpuppet accounts to prop their own comments up. I have a life and a job to take care of, maybe they don't and that's why they feel the need to make themselves matter in this way. It's very sad. Too bad /. has no means to fight back so I rarely post here. Replying to you a 2nd time is the most I've done in half a year. Goodluck!

Comment Good thing we don't rely on only one reviewer (Score 0) 192 192

Thank god many Youtubers have done hands-on reviews of this NX1 and found it very lacking or subpar.

I will need SLR Lounge to make full disclosure on who their partners are because we live in an era where we cannot even trust Tech/Games reviewers as being honest! Also Samsung was known to fake 3D benchmark reviews so their copycat phones would sell. That's kinda low.

Comment Re:Subject Cop To Same Spying They Use On Us (Score 1) 219 219

Problem here. If you let them hit record, then they will say they forgot to or they will only record what suits them.

So the choice is really "Record All" or "Record Nothing." Because "Record Something" is just biased and possibly unusable in court. I may be wrong.

Comment Subject Cop To Same Spying They Use On Us (Score 0) 219 219

If LAPD or US cops have nothing to hide then why not have their privacy invaded by perpetual recording cameras (while they are on duty)? I mean... unless they have something to hide or doing things they shouldn't like violating the law?

Comment Once it's out in the wild, it's game over! (Score 1) 59 59

When you read that Stuxnet was an NSA/Israel creation and every month you get drip fed news about NSA's true illegal/terrorist side (like finding ways to hack popular email servers or backend links of cloud storage) and just now, cracking VPN services, you have to ask yourself this: "Who has opened Pandora's box? Who deserves to suffer from it [first]?"

Comment Consumer Rights? (Score 1) 230 230

What can you do against vendors who do that? At the very best it's a hassle to fix the problem caused resulting in wasted man-hours (bearing in mind that most of us are not tech-savvy). At the very worst, this can result in permanent damage for example iOS 8 bricking your iPhone. What do you do then? What are your consumer rights when a botch (insufficiently tested) OS update results in a damaged device? Who is to blame here?

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