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Comment: More android switchers than MS/BB - shocking! (Score 0) 170

by Overzeetop (#49789889) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier

With blackberry and MS having a negligible portion of the smartphone market, I would be surprised if it *wasn't* android.

About 15% of smartphone users who by a Samsung (Android) handset come from iOS users. A higher percentage of iOS users are previous Android users (about 2:1 vs those switching from iOS to Android), but there are more Android users overall, so I'm not certain that there's a net loss in the Android userbase. For example: there were about 200 million iOS devices sold in 2014, and about 1 billion Android devices. If 20% of new iOS users are former Android users, that's 40 Million switching to iOS. If 5% of Android users are former iOS users, that's 50 Million switching to Android. That's a net +10M for Android.

(some stats:

Comment: For some, a straightjacket is high fashion (Score 1) 92

There's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't really apply to everyone. And the cost of data security is dimissively low. For the typical Android handset, the simple blow of a hammer instead of trying to recover less than $100 on ebay or craigslist will guarantee security of your old data. Heck, that $100 is less than the differential between an android handset and an equivalent iOS device in most cases.

Comment: Re:New news about Old software (Score 2) 92

I'll remember this when selling my device which I store TS-SCI rated data on.

FTFA, "Individuals buying devices on auction websites such as
eBay are possible attackers. They need to spend a nonnegligible
time to bid and follow up on auctions. Furthermore,
they have to pay a few dollars for commission
and shipping fees for each device. So low-value data
like contacts and email addresses do not seem profitable.
Recovery and analysis of conversations and images (to
blackmail victims) would generally require human intervention
or more advanced tools..."

So you're looking at someone putting finds an time into low level analysis of your phone in hopes of gleaning some data which would either allow them to compromise your financial resources or offer blackmail opportunities. I'm sorry, but the intersection of buyer and financially valuable data which has a payback rate greater than that of acquisition and recovery is small enough that I'm really having a hard time worrying about it.

Comment: Re:would like to see this kind of reply (Score 1) 379

Copyright goes to the creator/composer of the image, not the participants or the venue, by default. Unless there is a prior agreement in place, they belong to him. There are special niche cases (photography of an art work, or of an event staged as a creative endeavor - i.e. not a sport or contest).

Comment: Re:Boys? (Score 2) 95

Fluff piece for clicks. Perhaps non-intuitive, but not really useful from a practical sense as the applications where such precision is necessary are not really dependent on cocktail party conversation starters.

FWIW, The gravitational field of the earth has been fairly well characterized. It can be done very accurately from low earth orbit using a passive mass with a retroreflector following a lead craft and taking measurements of the distance between them using a high frequency pulsed laser. I worked on part of the design for just such an instrument back in the early 90s.

Comment: Re:RTFA (Score 1) 116

by Overzeetop (#49743961) Attached to: Hydrogen-Powered Drone Can Fly For 4 Hours at a Time

Those are some miraculous tubes. At a meter long, that's 6cm in diameter.

At 5076psi, I get 22,700 pounds of axial tension plus 12,000 pounds transverse tension (per inch of length). Checking a section of the pipe yields 3060 pounds axial and 6000 pounds transverse on an inch by inch element. That's 6735 pli rotated 63 degrees from the axis. Using rational factors of safety (usu ~4 for CF composites, 1.6-2.0 for isotropics), I get 1/4" wall 7075-T651 high strength aluminum or 5/32" wall carbon fiber in an optimally oriented weave - not including the matrix/weave thickness or containment (CF vessels for HCs are almost always aluminum lined, I presume H2 would be also). That's 80 cubic inches of aluminum per tube (about 16lbs total) or 10-11lbs of top-quality carbon fiber. They're out of margin for everything else in their 5KG vehicle.

I suspect that their product is paper based (i.e. the numbers work if you assume the best case for everything), but will be exceptionally difficult to make actually meet products. I expect to park a Moller air car in my driveway before they make this project work as proposed.

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