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Thinktank Aims To Crowdsource Government Earmark Analysis 100

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the forcing-a-new-evolution-of-corruption dept.
Al writes "The Sunlight Foundation, based in Washington, DC, hopes to raise an army of web volunteers to analyze all the earmarks in government bills. The group's new Sunlight Labs transparency corps invites users to join an effort to analyze the information collaboratively. Users are presented with PDFs released by hundreds of different offices and asked to enter the pertinent information like the date and dollar amount of a request, name of the requester, description of the project, and so on. These then become part of a searchable database. The project's launch roughly coincided with the launch earlier this month of the government's new IT Dashboard. But this tool is somewhat limited — users can find the primary recipients of IT project funding, but not subcontractors; it's not easy to discern the origins of contracts or their geographic distribution, and it's almost impossible to see how they are connected to elected officials."
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Journal: Woo Hoo!

Journal by Tarantolato
After several months of fairly inflammatory, no-holds barred posting, I've finally got one of my own freaks! Arvindn, you have just made me a very happy man. If you were here right now I'd kiss you! PS: I liked the piece on Vedic mathematics; thank you for the link.
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Journal: More OSNews Suckfest

Journal by Tarantolato
This article is in English even more broken than Eugenia's. The fat Greek deleted most of the comments suggesting she hire a fucking proofreader, but was eventually overwhelmed and just left them.
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Journal: Further Proof that OSNews is Retarded 2

Journal by Tarantolato
Under normal circumstances, OSNews is only semi-offensively retarded. Eugenia the fat Greek installs some random Linux distro or whatever, comments on the icon theme, and talks about how cool BeOS was. Or else whatsisname regurgitates a bunch of vaporware hype straight out of whatever shady tax haven the current Amiga con-game is run out of these days.

Retarded enough to make you want to break something if you stumble upon it from Google News, but not something really big.

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