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Comment: Re:forensic 'science' (Score 2) 135

by TarPitt (#47846805) Attached to: New DNA Analysis On Old Blood Pegs Aaron Kosminski As Jack the Ripper

There was also an eyewitness who saw him leave a bar with a prostitute hours before the prostitute was horribly murdered. The eyewitness refused to testify in court.

Story I heard was that the police were very sure this was the guy, but knowing they couldn't convict, they arranged to have him locked up in an insane asylum. The murders then abruptly stopped.

Source: Recent "Jack the Ripper" tour in London. Not peer reviewed.

Comment: Re:Congressional Pharmaceutical Complex (Score 3, Interesting) 217

by TarPitt (#47792789) Attached to: States Allowing Medical Marijuana Have Fewer Painkiller Deaths

Like Prohibition - which was not so much anti-alcohol, as a white rural reaction against the growing dominance of urban areas and their populations of (beer drinking) immigrants. It was an early form of our culture wars, with the drugs acting as a proxy for reaction against deeper social changes.

Comment: Re:Why do we permit "property tax" at all? (Score 1) 76

Actually, that is the historical origination of private property under the English system. This was also the case with "empty" land (meaning devoid of Europeans) annexed by the US throughout its history. Original owner was the Federal government, which then delegated ownership to others (railroads, homesteaders) by deeding the property to them provided certain obligations were met (build a railroad, occupy and cultivate the land, etc.).

The idea that private ownership of land precedes government is a weird libertarian fantasy.

You in fact *do* lease your property from the government.

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