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Comment Re:Depends if you want to support it (Score 1) 312

Unless you bought an optiplex 780 as pretty much every one of those has defective power supplies that fails due to bad caps just after that 3 year warranty is up. Sure you can re do all the caps if you are handy with a soldering iron, but a replacement powersupply is "custom" and you need to buy from dell at $140 for ~400w. Yes they did eventually improve their design on the new ones.

Comment Re:BUILD (Score 1) 312

"And what if a pre-assembled PC is cheaper than your custom built PC by $300-$400 provided certain minor things are inferior to your custom PC? "

Then I would assume that those "minor things" really add up to features worth $300-$400.

One can easily see processor prices, ram prices, to compare. If you pay cheaper assembled for the same components not assembled, they would be losing money!

  You are paying for pre-assembled name and perceived quality, and most importantly turn key convenience, on top of thier profit margins of course. There is no way it would be cheaper. I worked assembling PCs and CPUs are not *that* much cheaper in bulk. Maybe if you are dealing in tens of thousands of CPUs, but why would the company give up all that profit? You are paying for a service, no way its going to be cheaper.

Another way to think of it is like oil changes. Sure you can go down to the local garage and get an oil change for $30 bucks. However you get their cheapest margins filter, cheapest oil, and they get to look and see what problems are under your car and recommend solutions (@ their prices). Your car will probably still work when they are done and run fine. So many people choose this option. Doesn't mean its cheaper for the same components, because its usually not an apples to apples comparison @ their price points.

If you want to get the good oil, good filter, they will charge you more for that. Might as well do it yourself (buy oil, quality oil filters, or computer hardware, when its on sale). If you have the skills and care about quality of components, then its the only way to do things. Plus you get to look over the rest of the machine for other problems or targets of opportunity. As opposed to a technican doing that, who may or may not be correct in their diagnosis. May or may not be honest with you.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 246

And don't expect to see comments sections when you do find it.

Why's that? Does your personal definition of journalist require that he believe himself the final arbiter on truth? There's a difference between due diligence and belief. Allowing comments shows readers conviction that due diligence was done as well as a willingness to accept constructive criticism. Those who can't handle this are often those who don't like having their beliefs challenged. These people make better propagandists than journalists.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 246

'The point' has nothing to do with journalism at all. It has to do with the internet providing a place where people can discuss what was said by journalists. This used to be celebrated as a new form of free expression. Now, the trend is to silence criticism of narratives. This is not good.

The papers can do what they like of course but that doesn't mean their newfound intolerance of criticism is a good thing for free society. A free, objective press is critical to its health.

Comment Re:USB port on iPhone (Score 1) 508

I'm afraid this is explicitly not true.

Not even all my NOTES (made in apple's notepad app) were able to come over, I had to cut/paste into an email, email myself and cut/paste back into notes.

PDFs did not copy over even from backups made from SYNC. Nor did any WIFI locations/passwords. Nor did any application data. Although after the Sync I got all my apps and music back, all the third party apps such as PDF reader, were like starting from scratch.

Text messages and related data certainly do not get backed up, there's even a booming market for "copy programs" so you can copy that data to a new phone.

I've had to retain my old phone as a backup device because I'm still not 100% sure what data I'm still missing on the new phone.

Don't tell me this is trivial, because then it's obvious you don't really use your phone for much more than playing a few games and surfing facebook, you've never used your phone for much.

Comment in NO WAY RELATED (Score 1) 156

So, if I cut the telephone lines going into people's houses, is that the same as hacking the telephone network?

If someone is in an auto accident and hits a phone pole, is that the same thing as hacking the car (and subsequently hacking the phone network?) And Horrors! Imagine if the auto accident was because the person was on the phone!

The only way this is similar is if "hackers" knock down the power poles with bulldozers, the old fashioned way. There's no "cyber" anything involved with this story, except in your imagination.

This is a Donald Trump story. This is campaign fodder for his "fear everyone" brand of crap.

Comment USB port on iPhone (Score 1) 508

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 from an Iphone 4. What a freaking nightmare because Apple only "allows" you to copy your data from what you have saved in their cloud,

And not everything is saved in the cloud. For example: If I download a PDF reader, and then download PDFs to read, what gets backed up by the computer is the PDF reader, and NOT the PDFs.

This could have been avoided by having a USB port or a card reader in the iPhone. This is something Android gets right, and Apple gets horribly, horribly wrong.

I now realize that because I use the phone as a general purpose computing device and SAVE DATA TO THE PHONE, so I can access it anytime (even when I don't have a phone signal), I can only upgrade my phone once every ten years or so, because the hassle Apple has created for me is too much trouble.

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