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+ - Poison gas may save your life->

Submitted by Tanktalus
Tanktalus writes: CNN is reporting on a breakthrough in postponing death: Hydrogren Sulfide. By displacing O2 in your blood stream, they prevent the chain reaction that results in death. Restore normal O2 levels, and you restore life. Thus far, it has shown successful on animals up to rat-sized, but larger animals have proven more difficult.
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Operating Systems

+ - IBM, Novell Offer A MS-Free Desktop To UK Users

Submitted by Tanktalus
Tanktalus writes: CNN reports that IBM and Novell will be putting together a desktop solution without Microsoft. "The so-called IBM Open Collaboration Solution uses open document format, or ODF-based software, running on Suse Linux, a version of the Linux open-source operating system software owned by Novell." "IBM estimates that a customer can save between $600 and $800 per computer compared with using the Microsoft Vista operating system and Office productivity tools." Is 2008 actually the year of Linux on the desktop? Apparently, IBM and Novell are counting on it.

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