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by TangoMargarine (#48214545) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

There's still a difference between having things in a defined place, and randomly hurling your mouse around the screen and clicking wildly to find something. Wouldn't you agree that the Windows 8 Charm bar is less intuitive than menus with visible labels?

You won't see me arguing a command line is equally intuitive as a GUI, either. You have to know what to type into a CLI, which makes it less intuitive than GUIs with things you can see and click on. At least if you're an English-speaker, the GUI is usually labelled in English. "ls"* and "cd" aren't exactly vernacular words.

*Interestingly, neither the man page nor Wikipedia mention what "ls" actually means. My guess would be "list screen"? man ls says "list directory contents."

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by TangoMargarine (#48213305) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

Defaulting to Don't-Save at least avoids destroying data that you don't want to save over. And OS's these days will almost always warn you if you have programs with unsaved documents open before they shut down. I would consider saving without asking a violation of user expectations. Maybe there's an autosave feature, but that stores it to a different file, not the one you were working on. And we should all be trained to Save Early, Save Often anyway.

If you're asking "why don't desktops default to hibernate instead of shut down"...I suppose that's a matter of preference. Saving files to disk is my idea of "saving state," but I'm not a laptop person so I don't have a workflow that involves me constantly popping in and out of my machine.

Depending on whether you're installing updates etc. during the reboot process, it may not be actually possible to preserve the state accurately anyway.

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Drawing a distinction between "shown trying to fly it" and "successfully flying it." I'm not familiar with Adric or Nyssa (classic Who) but I would bet that even if Donna was "given pointers" she couldn't actually do it until the whole metacrisis thing.

Metacrisis Donna and River both being "half-Time Lord" sort of reinforces my point.

And Clara is just a twat. I swear the writers are just trying to see how badly they can abuse canon at this point.

P.S: Hmm...although they did have that scene at the end of the fourth season where the extended companion family flew it collectively.

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