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Comment: Re:There is no vaccine for the worst diseases (Score 1) 1051

It's a thought problem. What information you get out of it is more important than what your individual answer is.

What I was angling for wasn't calculating the two extreme outcomes such that they have an equal value; my point was deciding should you play the game at all. If you're crunching the numbers to try to arrive at a conclusion that logically involves the least risk/most payout, you're kind of missing the point.

Comment: Re:There is no vaccine for the worst diseases (Score 1) 1051

Again, smoking isn't really a communicable disease. I could see being in favor of prohibiting smoking IN PUBLIC just for second-hand smoke reasons, sure. If people want to give themselves cancer in the comfort of their own homes...good on them, I guess?

Idealistically, I am against government interference as well. But there are certain circumstances such as vaccination that really require the compliance of everyone able to do so. I don't like making exceptions either, but you have to.

Would you also be one of the people complaining about the government infringing your rights if you got infected with ebola and they quarantined you? They're infringing on my right to go outside and run around in a crowd of healthy people!

Comment: Re:Still not buying it (Score 1) 1051

What I see is an arrogant, selfish display of superiority, and an utter disrespect for the basic human right of free choice.

To reference a common /. idiom, your "right" to not get vaccinated for no valid medical reason ends with my right to not be pointlessly at risk of contracting diseases we could (and did, for a long time) prevent.

Comment: Re:An entirely typical argument (Score 1) 1051

I did feel pretty conflicted when people were complaining about being quarantined during the Ebola in the U.S. thing.

My idealistic side said, yeah, technically that's a violation of their rights.
My pragmatic side said, damn straight, that's what ya gotta do to solve the situation.

Comment: Re:There is no vaccine for the worst diseases (Score 3, Insightful) 1051

The risk is perceived as far higher than it really is, but that's human nature so it will have to be dealt with in a human manner.

I don't think humans are wired to intuit high-risk, high-reward probability spaces very well. There's the lottery, and then this vaccination thing, too (ignoring a few pertinent facets of it, obviously).

Imagine the following game: you roll 2d10 to determine what happens to you. On a roll of...

2-5) You are instantly murdered.
6-95) You receive $100 and are free to go.
96-100) You receive a million bucks and are free to go.

Do you play the game?

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