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by TangoMargarine (#48462509) Attached to: The Schizophrenic Programmer Who Built an OS To Talk To God

Some people are intrinsically good; and some issues are not sins [...] The idea that all are born with/into sin is a superstitious notion with absolutely no root in reality.

You believe in sin but original sin is a superstition? I would think those would kind of be in the same belief space.

I'm also under the impression that if you don't believe in salvation, you don't call it sin.

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by TangoMargarine (#48460003) Attached to: Cameron Accuses Internet Companies Of Giving Terrorists Safe Haven

You may wonder why the president needs to declare a state of emergency to deal with what appears to be fairly routine instances of corruption in far-flung corners of the world. Korte notes that Congress provides little oversight on emergency declarations, even through it's mandated to do so by law. In an era when tussles over executive power are a near-daily occurrence, this is a strange incongruity.

"What the National Emergencies Act does is like a toggle switch, and when the president flips it, he gets new powers. It's like a magic wand. and there are very few constraints about how he turns it on," said Kim Lane Scheppele, a Princeton professor interviewed by Korte.

Oh, so it's like Chancellor Palpatine back in the Star Wars prequels. Only this is IRL. Nice.

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It seems like a number of politicians these days have this strategy of boldly saying things that don't stand up to scrutiny, but as long as they say them confidently enough and call you a traitor for disagreeing, it mostly works.

He demanded that internet companies live up to their social responsibilities

I would argue that the "social responsibility" he proposes does not exist. Why do ISPs supposedly have to manage access to content hosted in other countries? Why can't they just be "pipes"? If people want to see offensive things, I say fucking let them. (And see also the multitudinous posts above about how anything can be used for evil.)

to report potential terror threats

Oh, so of course they need to be reading our communications all the time looking for sarcastic comments they can nail us to the wall over. Great.

and said there was no reason for such firms to be willing to cooperate with state agencies over child abuse but not over combatting terrorism.

Oh look, when we* fold for one thing we get called traitors for not supporting, they immediately snowball it into another thing and feed us the same line. I assume by "child abuse" he actually means "child porn," even the kind that is animated and in no way hurts any actual children. And that, y'know, are already covered under non-invasive laws anyway.

The greater threat to democracy these days is our own politicians, rather than anything the terrorists can do to us. Seems like half our own fucking representatives don't even believe in democracy as anything other than a vehicle to get themselves more power and money.

*Okay, yes, it's the U.K. but I'm sure the U.S. government would love to do the same thing.

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We can't believe you think this is a serious issue. It's mind-boggling. There are 7 billion people right here right now and 200,000 more every day.

Yeah. Let me get all mathy on you for a second here...

A) There are 7 billion people we could help now and ignore the long-term. Alleviating human suffering should be our goal, right?
B) If there is no ELE there's more or less an infinite number of humans in the future (less because the universe will presumably end).
C) If there IS an ELE and we prevent/avoid it, see B.
D) If there is an ELE and we DON'T do anything about it, and we're all still on Earth, the number of humans comes to a dead halt.

It's all about debating the values of A and D.

Because doomsday nutters like you rarely actually believe your own crap

A) Thanks for the insult that doesn't add anything to the conversation.
B) You're the one who's labeling me a "doomsday nutter" to begin with so there's no reason for me to defend the position. I'm not; I'm just talking probability space.

You say "there's absolutely no point in spending money on space." I say, "We don't know enough about the universe yet to make a definitive statement on the matter." (For my next trick, I'll debate religion vs. agnosticism vs. atheism!)

In the entire history of mankind only 18 people have gone further than Low Earth orbit. For three days.

Kind of fits into my point, funnily enough. What we need the money for is to get further. Is "cutting our losses" at this point winning? I can see the argument for that.

And again, another programmer with completely batshit beliefs about space unmasked!

Well, you got one thing right, at least--I am a programmer. Hey, I'm arguing probabilities, so big surprise, right?

Oh wow, do you fellate yourself too when you "figure this out"? Oh you're SO smart!!

Aaaand more ad hominem insults. Good day, sir.

P.S: After skimming the first bit of that extremely long article, I'm not sure what point you're trying to make with it. The guy actually comes down as a supporter of the space program. Or are you taking the "it's hard therefore we should give up" line? s/hard/expensive/g

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If you are going to bum around Europe raping women, it is best not to piss off the world's most powerful governments

I would state that in an if-and-only-if form. It's also a bad idea to piss off the world's most powerful governments and then go bum around Europe raping women.

And, y'know, raping people in and of itself is bad.

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