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by TangoMargarine (#47508989) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

I didn't object to that statement for being nonfactual so much as coming off as very sloppy research and implying a general carelessness for the topic that I'm sure all those involved would find incredibly offensive. The rest of your points sound pretty reasonable so I'll assume you probably didn't mean it that way.

There's obviously more than enough blame to go around, unfortunately.

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Israel's ethnic cleansing is absolutely a genocide. They want to eliminate the Palestinians as a national group

Beg pardon? Ethnicity and nationality are two very different things. You can't call it ethnic cleansing if it isn't targeting an ethnicity. Google calls genocide "the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation." So ethnic cleansing and national cleansing are both subsets of genocide (then you get into fun terminology twists like "religious vs. ethnic Jews"). For them to be the same thing requires that all the inhabitants of the country are the same ethnicity, and no significant populations of that ethnicity exist outside the country either.

Labeling it "genocide" supposes that the motivation of Israeli killing Palestinians is to wipe out the Palestinians as a group (can you have an "accidental genocide?"). I would think that their goal is instead to keep them suppressed so as to minimize their ability to hurt them (Israel), NOT to wipe them out. Although of course you will probably find hardliners in the population that think they *should* just wipe them all out.

Sorry about the pedantic hair-splitting, but this argument looks like it's swiftly degenerated into name-calling and moderation swing, so I'm trying to bring a little objective definition to the discussion.

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Oh. Missed the subject line that you didn't duplicate anywhere in the post. I don't change the subject 99% of the time on my posts so it's a blind spot.

I'm not going to deny that assembly CAN be faster, but my bullshit detector goes off whenever I hear somebody advocating using hand-tuned assembly as a general practice.

Have you heard of MenuetOS? I suppose the argument could be made that after 14 years, they have a leg up on HURD and ReactOS.

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