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Yeah, we're capitalists here--where we take your money away and then eloquently explain how you didn't deserve it in the first place because you're poor.

So much better than just taking your money just because (fascism) or taking your money while telling you it's for the greater good (communism). At least with the last, there's a philosophical argument involved rather than just "I want yours."

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by TangoMargarine (#48434135) Attached to: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

Apart from the 'cool' factor, there's no actual benefit from having people in a space base, or to send humans to the rest of the solar system

First step to getting somebody on another planet so a single Extinction-Level Event doesn't come along and wipe out humanity.

I can't believe I'm practically the only one who can figure this out whenever this topic keeps popping up.


Microsoft Rolls Out Robot Security Guards 138

Posted by Soulskill
from the please-register-that-copy-of-windows.-you-have-20-seconds-to-comply dept.
An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft is testing a group of five robot security guards. They contain a sophisticated sensor suite that includes 360-degree HD video, thermal imaging, night vision, LIDAR, and audio recorders. They can also detect various chemicals and radiation signatures, and do some rudimentary behavioral analysis on people they see. (And they look a bit like Daleks.) The robots are unarmed, so we don't have to worry about a revolt just yet, but they can sound an alarm and call for human officers. They weigh about 300 lbs each, can last roughly a day on a battery charge, and know to head to the charging station when they're low on power.

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Speaking of weird popups, I still don't understand why the hell that IE one exists.

I see you've got add-ons installed! Do you want to disable those?

_ Yes
_ No but keep annoying me about it every time I open the browser
_ Ha ha I bet you expected a "never ask me again" option here

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