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Wireless Networking

Submission ET is Phoning Us. We're Just on The Wrong Channel.->

RedEaredSlider writes: E.T. may be phoning us, but we've been listening the wrong way.
That's what Gregory Benford, a physicist at the University of California Irvine and science fiction author, thinks. And he wants to gather a whole lot of amateurs to do it right — and possibly find evidence of alien life. ...Aliens won't send out a continuous signal, but a pulsed one, in short bursts. "It's just not cost-effective," he said. "By many orders of magnitude it's cheaper to do broadband."

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Submission Google Schedules Chrome 6, 7, And 8 For This Year-> 1

An anonymous reader writes: Google said that it will be releasing a new stable version of Chrome every six weeks, which is about twice as fast as the release pace today. The goal is to make new features available when they are done and to make Chrome releases more predictable. Has anyone complained that there were too few new Chrome releases? Mozilla has been releasing a major new browser twice a year and Microsoft is on an 18-24 month pace. Firefox 4.0 Beta is scheduled for release later today and it appears that Mozilla is somewhat paranoid about Blackhat. 3.6.6 was planned to be the original 'Blackhat release'; now we are at version 3.6.7 and Mozilla has already a build candidate of 3.6.8 that will be released depending on news coming out of Blackhat.
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Comment Re:I don't get the kind of people, who call sun "s (Score 1) 142

Last I heard, "The Sun" and "The Moon" were in fact the official terms. Ironic that astronomers can be a tad geocentric like that.

"Sol" and sometimes "Luna" are just overwhelmingly popular sci-fi terms, but yes, probably would be the terms eventually adopted by colonists.

Comment Re:No, you misunderstand (Score 1) 585

So, adhering to the GPL gives you the right to redistribute the GPL'd code- but you don't need permission for the linking itself?

That actually makes sense.

IANAL, but I don't think (in the U.S.) that the end user is infringing by creating a derivative work at load time, either- see Galoob vs Nintendo.

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