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Comment: Lets not get religion on the moon. (Score 1, Troll) 353

by Tandoori Haggis (#17872152) Attached to: NASA Considers Plans for Permanent Moon Base
IMHO organised religion should be prohibited on the moon. However, as we know all too well, various "world leaders" and terrorists, think that they hear their god talking to them and seem to enjoy misinterpreting their religious guide books. (Books and scripts which were written thousands of years ago, often in the same part of the world, funnily enough, translated, ammended, adapted and forked). No doubt they will insist on taking their gods to the moon.

I've got nothing against people having faith or belief in something but I do have a problem with people trying to force those beliefs on to others. If organised religions start to become polular on the moon, will we see a repeat of the past few thousands of years on Earth?

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