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Comment: Love that response (Score 4, Insightful) 71

by Tailhook (#48664083) Attached to: Docker Image Insecurity

A summary of that wall-of-text "response" from the Docker "lead security engineer":

"Bullshit, bullshit v1 bullshit. Bullshit discussions about bullshit CVE bullshit. (yes we know its broken) Bullshit v2 bullshit, next version bullshit Bullshit."

If you can't dazzle them with your intelligence, baffle them with your bullshit.

Comment: Petrostates (Score 5, Insightful) 261

by Tailhook (#48663871) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

China is going to prop up Venezuela. China is going to prop up Russia. Will China also prop up Iran when the price of oil pulls the rug out from under that bunch of fundies?

I know China is all productive and stuff, not fighting self-inflicted headwinds of OSHA NLRA EPA etc., and having been fully exempted from any concern for carbon emissions for another three decades by Obama, but they can't actually afford to fully float all these fucked up petrostate kleptocracies. And what support they do offer will be highly conditional and hard to accept by these client states.

Russia had a chance. Western money was pouring into Russia; places like Magnitogorsk have had huge investments from Europe and the US to build out decrepit steel works into some of the best specialty metal sites in the world. They could have seen 5% GDP growth for the next two decades.

But they couldn't help themselves; Putin took off his shirt, said nasty things about 'Murica and the the Russian people made him dictator for life. So now, rather than emerging from a century of self-inflicted fail, they're making themselves into a European pariah state.

Enjoy, Russia. You deserve it. Be nice to the Chinese I guess.

Comment: SOAP vs Rest (Score 1, Interesting) 183

by Tailhook (#48658515) Attached to: Devuan Progress Report Published

This reminds me of the early days of "web services." The "enterprise" folks were jetting around writing gobs of XML and SOAP specifications, making speeches at conferences and whatnot. Meanwhile, some thoughtful people pointed out that the combination of existing HTTP verbs and the natural namespace provided by URLs satisfied the same use cases without the mountains of esoteric specifications and staggering protocol overhead. One memory I have from that time has persisted; some SOAP standards body muckity-muck was asked about REST during some function that happened around the time of the SOAP 1.0 specification release and he said (paraphrased); "Those REST folks aren't the kind of people the get things done!"

Today, SOAP gives people nausea almost universally and REST is the first choice of green-field work, with all sorts of API's proliferating everywhere. New languages and tools target REST first and SOAP eventually. Maybe. And if not then, meh, whatever.

Now we have the Debian fork. And what is said of the people behind it by those advocating systemd bloatware? Well they're just malcontents. They don't understand the problem systemd is trying to solve. They made a crummy web site and didn't even put their names on it. They'll never accomplish anything!

I have the feeling Poettering et. al are going to lose this one. If so then at least we can credit systemd with providing the motivation to progress, and reaffirming some of those cherished (if possibly mythical) UNIX principles.

(Incidentally, if anyone knows who was responsible for that statement about REST I mentioned please chime in .... I'm 99% sure it appeared on Slashdot.)

Comment: You have selected....... (Score 5, Insightful) 201

by Tailhook (#48630399) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

You have chosen to rationalize the exploitation of Chinese workers, probably using a product you or your employer couldn't afford to purchase if manufactured by someone that shared your pleasant lifestyle. Your rationalization is characterized by one or more of the following possible memes;

[_] Making iPhones in a Chinese factory is better than being a Chinese peasant
[_] iPhones/Pads would cost too much if I had to pay my fellow citizens to make them
[_] iPhones/Pads would cost too much given environmental regulations I vehemently insist on for myself
[X] All the other manufacturers are doing it too
[_] Some/Many/Most Chinese workers appreciate 70 hour weeks and breathing my aluminum dust
[X] It's not Apple, it's Foxconn
[_] It's not Apple, it's the Chinese government
[_] They should quit if they don't like it
[_] It's just capitalism at work
[_] It's just communism at work
[_] Apple's disposable workers are paid better than non-Apple disposable workers
[_] Apple's auditors didn't find any serious issues
[_] Some day the Chinese will be too wealthy to exploit
[_] Your Android is Foxconn too
[_] You're an Apple hater using Apple as a scapegoat
[_] I also work 60/80/100/120 hour weeks at my IT job
[_] Apple designers are in the US
[_] The US did the same thing to the British
[_] The US had slaves once too
[_] The US has prison labor today
[_] It's up to the Chinese to stand up to their oppressive government
[_] There are lines of willing workers outside Foxconn factories
[_] If any company were to stop the exploitation, I really think it'll be Apple
[_] Your free Linux runs on Chinese hardware too
[_] Foxconn workers think they have it great, so it's ok!
[_] Foxconn worker suicide rate is lower than Chicago's murder rate
[_] Foxconn worker suicide rate is lower than China's suicide rate
[_] We can't pollute the whole world!
[_] Half of all US households have an Apple product
[_] If we don't exploit them they'll never develop
[_] The suicide's families get the insurance money
[_] You're posting from a macbook/iphone/ipad right now
[_] There are suicide nets on American bridges
[_] Interns in the US don't get paid
[_] They don't beat the workers, apparently.
[_] Why is this news? We expect this from China.
[_] It's their country; we have no right to judge.

Comment: Re:Predicted... repeatedly. (Score 1) 176

by Tailhook (#48577709) Attached to: U.S. Passenger Vehicle Fleet Dirtier After 2008 Recession

Just shut up and send them some bags of grain right?

We send them our industrial base. We also send them signed trade agreements with MFN status.

They send us finished goods made safely outside the Environment. And sans any OSHA EPA NLRB costs, tariffs or the slightest customs impediment. Thus, we are free to pad our regulatory nest however much we need to gratify our environmental virtues.

And this scheme works ok until you create a huge cohort of former-middle-class-now-subsistence-worker voters. Those folks have no patience for hypocrite climate warriors.

The GP is dead-on correct. Cold, hungry people don't count carbon molecules while sitting in the dark.

The above might eventually make sense to the common mope — after enough of his wealth and liberty are outlawed. But I am far more cynical. You see, our elites don't actually work with this calculus. To them, "environmentalism" is a means to power, because nothing is beyond the scrutiny of their green tyranny.

Comment: Re:How much is that in F-35s? (Score 4, Informative) 121

by Tailhook (#48569115) Attached to: NASA Gets 2% Boost To Science Budget

For all budget discussions, any program, should always couch the monetary amounts in terms of how many F-35s it equates to.


Since 2008, NASA's annual budget has been cut the equivalent of 7.3 F-35's in nominal dollars. 18.8 F-35's in inflation adjusted dollars.

The 2015 NASA budget increase is about 2 F-35's, at $132 million per low-rate production F-35.

The unit cost of a Eurofighter is $112 million. I wonder if Europe has malcontent little punklets demanding everything be priced in Eurofighters.

Comment: Anti-science Republicans (Score 2, Funny) 121

by Tailhook (#48569019) Attached to: NASA Gets 2% Boost To Science Budget

There they go again. Killing off science in the US by defunding NASAs science programs. Guess they want a theocracy where everyone worships the sky daddy in a 2000 year old universe.



Time to start hating on NASA I guess. I mean if those racist bible thumping warmongers want to fund it it has got to be wrong. So, lets look in the playbook and see what we have..... Ah ha! That money is better spent here on Earth to hep the poor. We need to fix our own planet before we worry about others!

Comment: Re:in other news... (Score 5, Informative) 225

by Tailhook (#48568381) Attached to: US Navy Authorizes Use of Laser In Combat

One tiny spec of dust on the lens would be disastrous.

No. That's a myth. A tiny speck absorbs a tiny amount of energy before ionizing. These lasers are made of a large mass of tough material and they don't explode or whatnot when a tiny piece of matter ionizes on a ruby or YAG crystal surface.

Powerful cutting and welding lasers are used all day long in manufacturing environments around the world. They don't go haywire when a tiny speck of foreign material vaporizes in the beam. The laser degrades over time as damage accumulates.

Cracked lenses or lenses with significant contaminants on the surface can be damaged or even explode when the laser is activated. A speck of dust won't get you there.

Comment: Re:Justice (Score -1) 772

by Tailhook (#48558785) Attached to: CIA Lied Over Brutal Interrogations

Pointless Senate rehash. There is nothing new here; just more hyperbolic outrage over "waterboarding." It's good for about 18 more hours of Bush Derangement Syndrome news cycle. Red meat for libtards.

Fortunately Feinstein et al. won't be running Senate committees starting in January, so that will be the end of the agitprop for a while. Al Qaeda will have to go elsewhere for recruiting material.

Comment: Re:When 9 votes are required to send it ... (Score 1) 1128

by Tailhook (#48461963) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

The fact he killed someone should have generated a public trial.

A trial of what charge? First Degree Angering Minorities? We don't accuse people and put them in jeopardy "just because."

didn't meet the public's demands

First, who the fuck are you speaking for the "public?" As a member of the "public" all of my demands have been met. Other segments of the "public" can't be satisfied; they won't be satisfied until every white cop in MO has been flayed to death.

Sorry, we're not doing that either. So you go on being disappointed, and we'll go on ignoring you. Go burn some part of your neighborhood down if you don't like it.

Comment: Re:When 9 votes are required to send it ... (Score 1) 1128

by Tailhook (#48455479) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

You know, I wish your little fantasy actually came to pass. Persecuting innocent and honest people would fail badly and put the stink where it belongs; on DOJ race baiters. Among others.

The reality is the feds know this and aren't even entertaining the idea. You're just too delusional to understand that.

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