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Comment Re:Greeks surrender: no restructuring (Score 2, Informative) 485 485

What was the Greek government thinking? that the EU will just give more money without asking for more responsible measures.

Why not? They've done exactly that twice already. Three times, if you count Euro adoption in Greece, which actually was the first Greek bailout. Yes, the agreements came with some "austerity," but the Greeks back-pedaled, slow-walked and lied about much of that, the predicted economic recovery in Greece never materialized and the rest of Europe looked the other way while all this went on.

If this deal goes down the same things will happen and we'll be right back here in three odd years with Greece another umpteen billion in debt, the money run out and herds of negotiators holding press conferences. Eventually this circus will happen in the midst of a recession in Germany and the appetite for throwing more money into Greece will be gone.

Greece isn't going to become a productive, disciplined society of tax-paying citizens and honest public officials in the next 1000-ish days. Not even if the books were wiped clean tomorrow.

Debt sucks. It's terrible and it's why some (too few) people think peace-time deficits are next to criminal. Tax-cut-and-spend RINOs and borrow-and-spend dhimmicrats are putting us in the same position as Greece.

Comment Re:ESA science (Score 2) 92 92

were using NASA's NuSTAR satellite observatory

I know. I also noticed that the story omitted mentioning this. That's not a problem, but I realized that if I attributed NuSTAR to ESA and criticized NASA it would be rewarded with mod points, because this is the preconceived, if blatantly ignorant view of too many people with mod points.

I'm a troll and I'm good at it. So sue me.

Comment ESA science (Score 0, Troll) 92 92

It's really great that the ESA is doing such great space science today. While NASA is off draining its resources on space cowboys and bloated contractor budgets the ESA is pioneering novel astronomy and leading the way, with no manned program at all.

If only the US would do programs like SMEX-11 (Small Explorer satellite program) like the ESA does instead of their "heavy" lift stuff we would know so much more about the universe.

Comment Re:Outside help (Score 4, Insightful) 431 431

The Greek financial disaster came from refusal to live within their means and not run chronic deficits for decades on end. This is the end result of modern "borrow and spend" liberalism taken so far as to ruin the finances of Greece and exhaust the patience of the rest of Europe. The people bailing are the "children" spoken of when conservatives are heard to say we must not saddle our children with debt.

The thing that is not said is that the reason we must not do this is not merely because it is morally reprehensible, which it is, but that the children simply won't pay it. Unless you are ready to erect gulags to enslave people you can't make them live their lives to fund your unlimited socialist dreams.

Comment ...just like functional programming! (Score 1) 68 68

Oh goody. So it's no different than any other monadic polymorphized differential functor system utilizing monoidal categories and parameterized applicative type expressions.

Whew. Lucky me. I was worried about finding something to do over the holiday weekend.

Comment Re:Muon detector (Score 2, Insightful) 409 409

Are you aware that there are hundreds of legitimate fission power reactors operating around the world that are indistinguishable from plutonium production reactors using your "$10 billion" network of neutrino detectors? I'm also wondering if you realize that building primitive `atom' bombs (such as the one that destroyed Hiroshima) won't emit neutrinos because it doesn't involve nuclear fission.

so gee I wonder why nobody is funding it

It's not funded because — despite what the group-think malcontents around here have been trained to believe — the world isn't actually run by drooling idiots.

Submission + - SpaceX launch failure->

Tailhook writes: A much needed ISS resupply mission failed today when a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated during launch. A robotic Dragon capsule with more than two and a half tons of supplies, equipment were lost. The failure occurred prior to separation of the first and second stage just after the launch vehicle went supersonic. This is the second consecutive ISS resupply mission failure after the Russian Progress capsule was lost in April.
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Comment Re:FreeNAS (Score 4, Informative) 212 212

Yes, FreeNAS will get you there. Since versioning is a key requirement you will want to use ZFS. The thing you need for that is a plenty of RAM. It's not just a performance concern. ZFS can be unstable if not fed enough RAM.

So budget for something with a lot of installed RAM on day one, and some room to grow as you add more storage.

Yes, FreeNAS isn't Linux. The simple fact is that Linux has so far failed to achieve parity with other systems, both contemporary and historical, that provide advanced file system features. BTRFS might get there one day. ZFS is persona non grata. LVM can serve some of your expectations, but not all.

So look beyond Linux. In addition to FreeNAS there is proprietary stuff; they still make NetApps and they still work as good as ever. Dell has EqualLogic boxes that will snapshot volumes all day long. If you have the dosh there are all sort of solutions. If you're dosh-challenged then look to FreeNAS.

Comment Re:Not me (Score 3, Informative) 152 152

coming from your IP

You know the public hotspot traffic is segregated to a separate IP addresses, right?

At least that's how Comcast does it. Can't imagine there rest aren't also doing the perfectly obvious.

There are entirely legitimate reasons to object to this stuff, but being held liable for public hotspot traffic due to conflated IP addresses isn't one of them.

Comment Why We Need.... (Score 1) 176 176

We need "rules" because a huge fraction of our population are clinical knuckleheads and somehow don't automatically know better than to harass women, buzz sporting events, disturb fire fighters, interfere with airports, etc. with their store-bought drones. One thing has become very obvious as these now daily incidents have appeared; the vast majority of these idiots are using DJI Phantoms. People with the wit and motivation to build their own drones are usually not the culprits of this silly shit.

But yeah, the knuckleheads are on the loose now with their blister pack drones and Feinstein is on the case, so if you have any interest in UAVs you should probably fuck off now; by the time these statists are done you'll need 50 acres of private land and a license to fly one; it will be criminal everywhere else.

Walk your doggie and ride your bicycle. Everything else is a crime.

Comment Re:Speeds up claims (Score 2) 54 54

No. The sellout will continue until you live in a subsidized trailer. Anything else is injustice and racism.

Insurance companies already use satellites to deal with claims. I know from recent experience that Travelers settles roof damage claims based on satellite imagery in an automated estimate system, and the results are so reliable that contractors take these jobs at face value. The 'adjuster' looks around for 15 minutes, pencil whips the claim and it's over.

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