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Comment Re: The painful truth about freelancing (Score 1) 142

You say this as though freelancers don't have a steady paycheck and don't have a family. When in fact, I am a freelancer (in the sense of a contractor), have a family and a nice house.

The trick is to save a couple of months of expenses, start freelancing and then continue to save in your business account. From the business account, pay yourself a regular salary. I've continued saving into the business account until I had a year of living expenses. And I'll probably continue saving.

Comment Re:Not on the list: time for getting new client (Score 1) 142

Another form of contracting is a traditional contract - you have to do X and produce Y deliverables in preferably a Z timeframe, which is more project oriented

I've done these on a much smaller scale, moonlighting during my previous (regular) day job. But I found it's pretty easy to sign yourself into bankruptcy. Just make a faulty estimate, then let the client sue you. And there are always surprises. So personally, I wouldn't want to do fixed price projects as a one-man shop.

Comment Not on the list: time for getting new client (Score 4, Insightful) 142

Couldn't find it on the list: time for getting new client.

I've been doing the contracting thing, where the client hires me to extend their on-site team. Recruitment agencies call me, I have an intake over the phone with the client and then meet them face-to-face. So I don't recognize the things mentioned like "fixed-price contract", I just have an hourly rate. You can spend anything from a couple of months to a couple of years working for the same client.

I very much like it, but I work 4 days a week. That one day a week is really useful when the contract ends, because then you'll have to start emailing recruiters, looking for the next project. The phone and face-to-face interviews take hours, and it's hard to stuff that away in the usual 9-5 business hours.

The iOS job market is great currently, so it's not hard finding a project.

Comment Re:Those who can, program. (Score 1) 96

I don't think you have even the beginning of a glimmer of understanding of what science is.

Having worked with physicists, you'll forgive me that I'm not really impressed? It's just a job for lots of physicists, and they're good in varying degrees. The best do a bit of programming, but most just used the libraries we programmed for them.

Comment Well, not quite (Score 3, Insightful) 130

This is a dangerous precedent for freelance developers in the face of legal threats: damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Well, not quite. I'm a freelancer. Would I work for a client that is a bad citizen in their particular niche? No, I don't think so.

I'm not a gamer, but if I understand correctly these bots give you an unfair advantage and are forbidden by Blizzard. Yeah well, don't look surprised if the shit hits the fan at some point.

Comment The propaganda machine in public (Score -1) 184

but no one has ever published proof of those claims or explored how the propaganda machine operates in public

On the other hand, just turn on the TV and watch our own propaganda machine in public. I don't know how many Syrian and Iraqi civilians died in the past year, but it's surely bound to be a multitude of the recent Western victims.

Comment Re:Boston? (Score 1) 464

There's a small city called Nashua just over the border in New Hampshire. Houses aren't too bad, traffic isn't too bad, no income tax, no sales tax but property taxes are relatively high

For us non-USians, what range constitutes "relatively high"?

Here in Utrecht (~25 miles from Amsterdam, The Netherlands), property taxes are about 120 euros (US$ 130), and a software engineer earns about 45.000 pre-tax.

Comment Cathode (Score 2) 352

I use Cathode, a fully-working terminal emulator that visually looks like an old black-and-green CRT monitor.

I like OS X best when it's running Cathode at full-screen. I use the demo version, that starts sputtering and flaking more and more over time. So that fucking $3500 company-issued MacBook with 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD and 2,8 GHz quad-core Intel i7 looks nothing more than a flickering and dying pile of barely glowing phosphorous horse-shit.

Submission + - Demonsaw: privacy and anonymity in the age of the NSA

Striking7 writes: Demonsaw is a decentralized secure and anonymous information sharing platform available on Linux32/64, Windows, OSX, and Raspberry Pi written by the hacker responsible for releasing the Blu-Ray device key and artificial intelligence in Grand Theft Auto V.

Details are available on the website about the author's philosophy on privacy. Demonsaw's aim is to make strong cryptography and anonymity easy enough for the average person through social cryptography. Version 2.5.0 just launched and it has loads of cool fixes and features. Currently Demonsaw features file sharing, chat, and private groups. Future releases will include file sync, streaming audio/video, and much more.

Everyone is encouraged to grab a copy and try it out!

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