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Comment Remember Apple Newton? (Score 1, Informative) 400

... understanding this is what made Apple so successful in the first place ...


What kind of 'understanding' Apple had to get them to produce that "Newton" thingy, huh?

It shouldn't be Apple which get the credit - instead, the credits should go to the late Mr. Jobs - he's the one had a clear understanding of what the world wanted

Case in point - after the untimely demise of Mr. Jobs Apple has yet to come up with anything which is worthwhile

Comment In praise of ... (Score 1) 108

... those with original ideas

We get to enjoy so many wonderful things, every single day of our lives, because of those who came up with original ideas - and work to make their ideas become reality

Solo programmers with original ideaas deserve praises - as for those who can't or don't - nothing special, reaslly - as they are just like all the millions of data monkeys throughout the world

Comment The Indians place a high value on Education (Score 2) 183

Of the different ethnicity from Asia the Indians place a very high value on Education - on par with the Japanese, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, and the Chinese

The Pinoys (from the Philippines) and those from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and the Pacific Islanders (like Micronesia / Melanesia) education to them is not that important

As for the Pakistanis, the Bangladeshis, the Afghans, the Indonesians and the Malays, their utmost priority is Islam, their religion

The Iranians are the odd lot - although they are of the same religion with the former lot, the Iranians place a lot of emphasis on knowledge outside of Islam

Comment Those who believe enterprise version is safe ... (Score 3, Insightful) 316

... are idiots

Telemetry and error reporting cannot be effectively disabled on 10, because Microsoft refuses to make Enterprise available via retail channels

There is one thing about the masses - they believe in whatever they were told, such as "Users of Enterprise version of Win 10 can disable spying"

Just because they say the enterprise version can disable spying does not mean:

1. It is true
2. It will always be true

Remember this thing - Windows 10, unlike prior versions of Windows, is an "in progress" project, which means, Microsoft gets to add it, or take out, any function/feature it wants.

The hundreds of millions of users of Windows worldwide used to be the customers of Microsoft, used to be, because as of now, they have become Microsoft's product, to be packaged and sold to Microsoft's new crop of customers - the ad agencies, spook agencies, data miners, and so on, and so forth ...

Comment You are asking the wrong question (Score 2) 316

can M$ selectively kill any windows 10 computer remotely

As Win 10 is an 'in progress' project M$ can acquire that kind of power (if it does not already have it) and toggle the 'kill' switch any time it wants.

Win 10 is becoming the largest security threat there ever is.

Because of that I have decided to not upgrade any of my company's computers (which run Windoze) to Win 10. All the computers that are needed to be retired will be replaced with computers running any OS other than Win 10.

Submission + - Would Alphabet be banned by Google?->

Taco Cowboy writes: Buried within Alphabet's webpage exists the link to "Hooli". Although it's part of a joke, the inclusion of the link has violated Google’s guidelines against searching spam

You’ll only spot the link if you scan through the source code of the home page or if you click on a period at the end of a sentence midway down the page that talks about Google’s drone delivery effort, Wing. Here’s the section and the source code:

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Neutrinos which packs real punches->

Taco Cowboy writes: Neutrinos are subatomic particles with no charge and almost no mass, which very rarely interact with anything. This means they can practically cross the Universe in a straight line, passing through entire planets undeflected — and undetected, but some neutrinos come packed with powerful punches

The Icecube project ( https://icecube.wisc.edu/ ) , which laced a cubic kilometre of ice beneath the South Pole with light sensors,recording the flashes created when a neutrino very occasionally bumps into an atom, has registered a record-breaking event that their icy instrument witnessed in June 2014

They have evidence for a neutrino arriving with at least 2,600 trillion electronvolts (teraelectronvolts, TeV) of energy — hundreds of times more than protons inside the Large Hadron Collider ( http://home.web.cern.ch/topics... ), even after its historic revamp

What is more, that energy value is only a minimum. The neutrino itself never made it into the detector; what IceCube glimpsed was a different particle called a muon — the product of a "muon neutrino" (one of three different flavours) arriving from the north

"It was made by a neutrino that came through the Earth somewhere below our detector," said IceCube's principal investigator Francis Halzen, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

By doing what Prof Halzen calls "back of an envelope" physics calculations, his team can reconstruct the neutrino interaction that spat the muon into the ice, where it dumped those 2,600 TeV

For a slippery, near-massless particle, this neutrino packed a punch

"Using standard model physics, the energy of this neutrino is somewhere around 5,000-10,000 TeV, with the most likely value somewhere in the middle," Prof Halzen explained

That power is equivalent to about 1,000 times the energy required by the powerful LHC

Muons are comparatively heavy — so when the sensors in the ice glimpse them rumbling past, their trajectory can be reconstructed. That turns IceCube into a telescope, peering northwards through the planet to see neutrinos arriving from the Universe's most ferocious, far-flung corners

"We can reconstruct the muon track to better than half a degree," Prof Halzen said. "This is totally going to change the astronomy we can do."

Link to Original Source

Comment I just have to laugh at the irony ! (Score 1) 104

But. Africa. Regional political unrest can undermine labor costs

China has plenty of weapons and military advisers to send to Africa to prop up the regime of their choice. Even troops, if necessary

You guys are projecting what you guys and your ancestors have been doing in Asia, South America and Africa, for the past 2 centuries, into China?

It's like pedophiles always wary their own children gotten raped by others

Oh, what irony!

Comment Japan's surrender attempts?? (Score 1) 332

The Samurai rather commit harakiri than surrendering, its all about pride and honor

Japan being the land of the Samurai, thinking of surrendering is itself a blasphemy, something which is much worse than death itself

The talk of "Japan's surrender attempts" is nothing more than heresy, a fabrication by those who subscribe to historical revisionism

Comment Murray Peshkin is *NOT* a war criminal (Score 0, Redundant) 332

Murray Peshkin does not have to take pride in his work, but he should not feel that he is party to a war crime either

Mr. Peshkin is not a war criminal. America's entrance into World War II ended up saving more lives than had it chosen not to get involved

The war criminals were and are the Japanese, the Germans, the Italians, and those who gave support to them

America's dropping bombs on Japan was not without justifications - it was the japs who attacked the Pearl Harbor first, and the japs were also attacking and invading other countries, from Korea to the North to the strings of pacific islands to the South, and all the way to Burma to the West

Along the way the japs committed atrocities that were so horrible not even the Islamic Terrorists of today could hope to match.

Furthermore, Japan as the aggressor country not only refusing to officially apologize for the crimes they and their ancestors have committed to other people, many of them, including the current Japanese Prime Minister, Shinto Abe, are doing everything they can to whitewash the barbaric acts that their fathers/grandfathers had done.

Before the japanese apologists launch their ad hominem attacks on me, let me include some links to photos documenting the atrocities that were carried out, by none other than the japs -




No, Mr. Peshkin is *NOT* a war criminal!

Thanks to Peshkin and the team which built the bombs, the two bombs that were dropped in Japan successfully halted the japs from perpetrating even more heinous massacres, illustrated by the photos above

We must be fully aware of the scams the japs are busy doing today - maximizing the effect of their 'victim card' while denying everything (and refusing to apologize for) the crimes they did to others

"If Diet Coke did not exist it would have been neccessary to invent it." -- Karl Lehenbauer