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It depends on your definition of "ethnic cleansing". I don't think that "people who launch shrapnel-loaded rockets" is a race or ethnicity per se, so killing them doesn't count as such. If it so happens that they all belong to a single ethnicity in practice, that is an unfortunate coincidence, but it's not the reason why they were targeted.

If you mean that "stealing land" amounts to ethnic cleansing (some people do believe that), then I suppose your formula is valid. Pretty much all land in Israel is claimed by either side, and which one gets to actually hold it is determined solely by "might is right". There doesn't seem to be any solution that would change that at this point - a compromise was possible with PLO of old, but Israel did not pursue it; Hamas, on the other hand, is not willing to compromise, and is now in charge because PLO got nowhere.

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by drinkypoo (#47449207) Attached to: New Raspberry Pi Model B+

Only if you think that adding a voltage regulator chip to your power supply is difficult. A 5v regulator, the 7805, costs about 50 cents a piece even when you buy them in very small quantities.

Okay, you will need two of them, two caps and a heat sink in order to make input current and cover USB peripherals. Or you could spend $5 on eBay and get a boost-buck converter that would let you run it on 3-35V or so. Hmm, I see you can get them for $4 now, I believe I spent $6 actually. $5.37 from a US seller in FL. You can get 5 pcs from China eventually for $11... Bet you can get them around $1/ea by the case off alibaba. So whether you're a hobbyist or have a serious project in mind, the cost of a DC-DC power supply for the Pi just doesn't bear mentioning. It's easy to get 2A out. If you thermal-epoxy a heat sink onto the VR chip you can even get 3A out of some of these cheapies.

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Tho the more financially viable alternative would be finding a decent/acceptable USB audio adapter for somewhere around $3-$5.

Perhaps Gamestop would give you a deal on PS3 and/or 360 microphones in quantity. They sell them for $10 in the shops. Apparently they only charge $1.99 for PS2 mics, which is fairly stellar.

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The best device for your purpose (torrent download device) is probably a Pogoplug Series 4. You can get them for $20 brand new from Amazon, and they have SD, GigE, SATA, 2xUSB3, a wall-wart and a case. Real-world performance on the GigE shoveling data from a USB3 disk is more like 200Mbps tops, but that's nothing to piss on for twenty bucks.

R-Pi is pointless if you're not using the GPU. It just has too many deficiencies. If you are using the GPU, the value is probably unbeatable. There are other options for embedded Linux with GPIO, and they tend to have more of it than the R-Pi. If you're using the GPIO and the GPU, then you're spot on. Otherwise, you really want something else.

If it is possible to get better value specifically for something like downloading torrents than a Series 4 Pogoplug, I'd sure like to know what it is. But I don't actually believe that there is anything. I've looked quite hard.

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by drinkypoo (#47447829) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

They made all items worth using "soulbound", meaning you can't trade them. So no, there's no 3rd party item selling. You can only use what you find.

Interestingly, STO (Which Charliemopps complains about being too much like gambling) has done the same thing. All of the best items are character-locked, let alone account-locked. Also, in STO you earn dilithium ore for just playing the game, you refine an amount every day, and you can trade it for Zen (locked to STO) on the exchange.

Researchers have found that given access to alcohol, monkeys are approximately as likely as us to behave the way we do; that is to say that teetotalers, social drinkers, lushes, and outright alcoholics appear in about the same proportions in studied monkey populations as in human populations. Addiction is simply a thing. It would be nice if we could have some addictive games that helped fold proteins to "cure cancer" or whatever, though. Right now, at best they are a fuckoff waste of time. Sometimes that has personal benefits, but anything can be taken too far.

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Why is everyone comparing the costs of the missiles themselves?

The point of Iron Dome is not to bankrupt Hamas by forcing them to make more missiles. It's to save lives. How do you measure the value of a life saved that way?

(there's also property damage, but that at least is quantifiable)

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Qassam rockets are nothing more than gunpowder rockets straight out of medieval China. No guidance, no ordinance, which is why it's years since they've actually killed anyone.

It doesn't matter. They're aimed squarely at civilians, with shrapnel-heavy warhead that is designed specifically to cause death to as many unarmored "soft" targets in the area as possible - basically, to maximize civilian casualties.

Go fuck yourself, racist land thief.

Hamas is a race now? That's funny... last I checked, they are internationally recognized as a terrorist organization.

I suppose saying "fuck Taliban" is racist too, seeing how it's mostly Pashtun?

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Oh, and as for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict this way... the big difference is that ANC's goal, as elaborated in their platform and preached by their leaders, was equality in South Africa, and a real democracy. The goal of Hamas, on the other hand, is the complete destruction of the State of Israel and Jews as people - basically, genocide - again, as elaborated in their official platform documents, and made clear by their preachers. So, what common ground does Israel have to even begin negotiating with these guys? What compromises can they do to make the other side agree to peace (rather than a ceasefire)?

A compromise, like the two-state solution, was possible 30 years ago. But it was not acted upon by Israel, and now Palestinians are too radicalized to accept any such. You can argue with nationalists like Arafat - in the end, what they want is for their nation to prosper, and they'll make pragmatic choices to make that happen, even conceding their ideological goals. But you can't argue with religious fanatics like Hamas - people who are willing to make children into suicide bombers clearly don't have any concern for the future of their nation; all they care about is to fight because "God told them so".

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