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Comment: Re:Not news, not for nerds, doesn't matter (Score 1) 168

by Tablizer (#49756937) Attached to: WSJ Crowdsources Investigation of Hillary Clinton Emails

the entire story about a spontaneous demonstration and a mob angry about some video on YouTube was completely fabricated. They knew it wasn't true

First, we still don't know the full reason why the attack happened. And the main perp admitted he was indeed upset by the video. Wether it was the main reason or not, the perp wouldn't discuss further.

And as far as the Susan Rice announcement, it was suggested by a team member that evidence of possible terrorism not be immediately made public because it may give clues to the terrorists that their involvement was known about. Whether that reason was tainted by political bias or not is hard to say, we can't x-ray their neurons. It's speculative either way.

I've explained this to you before on slashdot, but you ignored it for unknown reasons.

Comment: VisiCalc stories (Score 1) 74

by Tablizer (#49748725) Attached to: In 1984, Jobs and Wozniak Talk About Apple's Earliest Days

I've read 3 different explanations of why VisiCalc was done on Apple first.

1. The dev TRS and Pets were tied up on other projects.
2. Jobs promised free hardware if they targeted Apple first.
3. Apple had more potential RAM ability.

I don't know which is true or if it's a combo. Either way, Apple would probably be dead if not for VisiCalc. VisiCalc sales gave Apple just enough money for R&D into GUI's (Lisa/Mac), and those were relatively slow sellers until desktop publishing kicked in.

Without the VisiCalc boost, Apple would probably fall short, and die with the rest of the early microcomputer makers (who got clobbered by IBM clones).

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