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Comment Tradeoffs (Score 2) 41

An alternative candidate appeared slightly larger, but would require a lot more fuel (propellant). If it's the last target, one could argue it wouldn't matter if you use up most of your fuel. It seems they want to keep their options open and have spare fuel for unforeseen situations or problems. Who knows, if they get lucky, the probe may be able to visit a 3rd system.

Comment Re:Is quantum mechanics a theory? (Score 1) 208

It's true that a model is not necessarily an explanation. Epicycles had predictive value (if tuned well), but almost all agree it's not how planetary motion "works". Newton gravity is considered a better explanation because it's the simplest working model: Occum's Razor.

If a better model comes along, we may make that the top model, ie, the "best explanation so far". Maybe there is no gravity, only something that happens to fit our gravity model. We do more experiments to find that out by testing the model more and testing alternative models.

Comment Re:Give me a choice (Score 1) 122

I wish I could request paper records. Some old systems are better than the replacement.

Better yet, let's use stone tablets so that it's harder for thieves to steal more than a few at a time. Paper is too easy to slip under a coat or tunic. And rats & moths eat it.

Never once was Fred Flintstone hacked.

Comment Put your money where your mouth is (Score 0) 375

Conservatives should purchase beach-front property if they are so confident in hoaxing. Some is already selling at a discount due to climate change risk. The prices would go back up after the Great Hoax is fully revealed by the alert and detail-oriented Fox reporters.

"Sometimes insanity is the only alternative" -- button at a Science Fiction convention.