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Comment: Re:Unsafe at any speed (above 100 MPH)... (Score 1) 405

by Tablizer (#47434343) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

Uh, I don't see a lot of halfies in your link. A front engine block may be preventing an outright split, while in a Tesla the "engines" are more distributed. Whether this means gas cars are "safer" or not in practice is another matter.

Maybe the distributed nature of Tesla's engines means that side impacts are safer at the expense of front impacts.

Comment: 30,000 years? (Score 4, Interesting) 152

by Tablizer (#47429015) Attached to: Hints of Life's Start Found In a Giant Virus

The sample being 30,000 years old doesn't seem significant because it's quite recent relative to the history of life, and even primates. The same kind of virus or a close relative is probably still around and the sample age probably has nothing to do with its size, but rather a happenstance of observation in that we tend to study old things harder than we do current things, and thus notice more.

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