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Comment: Re:Saturn pulling Jupiter (Score 1) 29

by Tablizer (#48925391) Attached to: We May Have Jupiter To Thank For the Nitrogen In Earth's Atmosphere

The idea that Jupiter moved inwards then back out would have the back out movement come from flinging smaller planetoids out of their orbit and exchanging angular momentum.

But Jupiter is massively massive, to misuse English. It's hard to believe all those small asteroids and junk would have enough bulk and momentum to make a difference on it.

Was there a lot more junk flinging around back then? I don't get it.

Comment: Re:"Science"? (Score 1) 195

by Tablizer (#48924709) Attached to: Bjarne Stroustrup Awarded 2015 Dahl-Nygaard Prize

Let me clarify. It may be "software engineering science" to study reasons existing code bases need changes (written in varied languages and paradigms), but as given, it is not OOP-specific science. The /. intro says "object-oriented computer science". That study is not "object-oriented computer science" because it doesn't split it up by paradigm (OOP versus procedural versus functional, etc). To me "object-oriented computer science" is measuring OOP's impact.

I do not believe there are ANY field studies in Meyer's book that show OOP "being better". You are welcome to prove me wrong.

Comment: Re:"Science"? (Score 1) 195

by Tablizer (#48921509) Attached to: Bjarne Stroustrup Awarded 2015 Dahl-Nygaard Prize

Do you mean % of software devoted to maintenance? % devoted to "changing data formats"? I know later in the book he claims OOP wraps data formats and therefore allegedly reduces the impact of those on code. But those later arguments are spurious in my opinion when compared to the alternatives. Adapters can be made in any paradigm. And reducing that 18% slice may increase other slices. Either way, those 2 slices are not measures of OOP improvements.

Comment: Re:Money *needs* to be removed from Politics ... (Score 1) 178

Yes it is a form of "soft" censorship. So be it. We have to sacrifice some ideals to avoid living in a corporate waste-land. Tradeoffs tradeoffs.

You are free to tune out and make all that money worthless and put the people you want on the ballot.

What "works" for you or me doesn't necessarily scale to the rest of voters.

Although the moon is smaller than the earth, it is farther away.