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Comment Locations (Score 2, Insightful) 598

It seems as soon as there's a topic regarding law enforcement on Slashdot, everyone comes out of the woodwork with some story about corruption throughout the ranks. But keep in mind not everyone is from the same country, and it'd be nice if you could at least specify where you're coming from before you start some story. I'm from Toronto, but have traveled around Canada and seen local authorities vary drastically in how they use their powers. Now if things can vary that much across just a few provinces, surely things vary much greater for different countries, and it'd be important to distinguish what law enforcement agency you're talking about.

Also, for a community that's usually opposed to mainstream media, no one has really taken into consideration the media's bias to negative acts. Stories about corrupt officers sell more than stories about officers doing their job properly, or even going beyond the call of duty, so news agencies tend to focus on that. There are plenty of good cops out there; they just don't get their fair share of the headlines.

Submission + - bought by CBS

Tabernaque86 writes: The BBC has an article up over the recent purchase of internet radio site by US media giant CBS. ( ). The purchase of the on-line social network has set a record for the largest ever UK web 2.0 acquisition, at $280 million USD.

What's interesting that the article fails to address why CBS is purchasing now, considering the Royalty Board is increasing internet radio fees to an exhorbitant amount, which is more-or-less causing internet radio to shut down by then end of next month.

Submission + - Conversation between two chat-bots

Tabernaque86 writes: efore-i-am/article_print Apparently programmers left two chat-bots alone in a room. The only intervention was programming a bot to start a conversation with a question, the rest was up to the bots. There is a brief description in the article, followed by a handful of conversations between the two bots, ALICE and jabberwocky.

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