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Comment: Re:Pick a different job. (Score 3, Insightful) 548

by TXG1112 (#47723721) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

enough of a Randroid to want to give people their money's worth.

Oh the irony.... Your individual contributions have negative value if they cannot be used and leveraged by the entire project/team. No one is an island. Software development is a team sport and there is nothing more useless than a cowboy who doesn't believe they have to follow standard process and methods.

Comment: Re:Age old "issue" (Score 2) 426

by TXG1112 (#43413923) Attached to: "Micro-Gig" Sites Undermining Workers Rights?

The cost of non billiable hours are built into what you pay for parts and labor. Ever wonder why list prices for construction materials and auto parts are so high and the contractor and mechanics get discounts? It's to pay for overhead costs. If the people doing micro work have built this into their rates, than there is no difference. However, the nature of these sites makes it difficult to include that cost, so people accepting the work are enabling self exploitation.

Comment: Re:Duh? (Score 1) 586

by TXG1112 (#42674007) Attached to: Recession, Tech Kill Middle-Class Jobs

Technology is providing the ability to exploit unequal labor markets and avoid the regulations that force capitalism to provide broad based benefits. A middle class doesn't happen by accident. It requires government policy to enforce and making work location independent through tech has done much to destroy the middle class.

Comment: Re:One question (Score 2) 453

by TXG1112 (#42526981) Attached to: The Problem With Internet Dating's Frictionless Market

All relationships take work. When the cost of replacement is low, you are not committed to putting in the effort to make a relationship work and instead find someone else that you refuse to commit to because thee might be someone better out there and you don't want to feel like you "settled".

Comment: Re:Critical illness (Score 3, Insightful) 468

by TXG1112 (#41100113) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Contractors, How's Your Health Insurance?

You are assuming you will never have a significant medical need. This is a very poor assumption and it is obvious that you are not capable of doing the necessary risk/cost calculations. Bear in mind that one hospitalization will run you $10k, if you need to have a major procedure done that will likely cost you $25k or more. These are just for one time events. If you get a chronic condition, these numbers can go way up.

The reason insurance is required under the new plan is that people are stupid and short sighted.

Comment: Re:LTE? How about Android and IPhone (Score 2) 299

by TXG1112 (#40616863) Attached to: RIM CEO On What Went Wrong

It was a 9700. I really liked many of the devices features, particularly the keyboard and battery life. WRT the browser, there were lots of sites that wouldn't display properly and the small screen made surfing for anything but the most basic of information an exercise in frustration. Speed was never an issue for me. I was considering getting a Torch, but a number of my coworkers had them and the reviews were uniformly bad.

When my BB broke last year I ended up replacing it with an iPhone 4. There are many things about the iPhone that annoy the piss out of me. The UI is far less intuitive than the apple fan-base would have you believe and there is no unified contact management and messaging as there is on a BB.

The browser on the iPhone works perfectly and I can even read the NY Times on it without too much trouble when the situation calls for it.

Comment: Re:LTE? How about Android and IPhone (Score 5, Interesting) 299

by TXG1112 (#40614507) Attached to: RIM CEO On What Went Wrong

I was mostly happy with my BlackBerry Bold, but the real issue for me wasn't apps, it was the shitty web browser and small screen. The killer app for smart phones is the Web. If they managed to get that to work seamlessly, they would have kept their customer base and app developers. What did them in was that the Torch was a buggy piece of crap. The UI for email and contacts and all the other communication functions is already superior to the the iPhone.

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