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Comment: They already know it (Score 1) 204

by TX297 (#34978626) Attached to: The Fall of Traditional Entertainment Conglomerates
What do you think the DMCA, ACTA, COICA, etc are all for? Going after petty downloaders? No. The media companies already know that they can use the same laws passed under the guise of "combating piracy" to shut down and irreparably harm indie and upstart companies. "Whoops, we accidentally flagged your band's website for copyright violations on recordings we don't own the rights to. No problem, just submit an appeal to the Attorney General's office and it'll be removed in a few weeks/months/years. Oh you were actually making money? I'm sure we can work something out..." With all this legislation pretty much working off the DMCA, there will be fuck all punishment for false allegations, thanks to our friend "in good faith" (in hastily-written antipiracy algorithms). You think the courts have been made a mockery of so far? You haven't seen anything yet.

Comment: Damages figure, anyone? (Score 4, Interesting) 507

by TX297 (#29468889) Attached to: RIAA's Elementary School Copyright Curriculum

With a teacher's help, students then calculate how "big a problem" songlifting isâ"by multiplying the total number of songs by $0.99.

So they're basically admitting that the actual damages are just $0.99 a song? Seems like a way to take the RIAA on under the 8th amendment using their own propaganda against them.

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