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Media (Apple)

+ - Apple DMCAs IpodHash project->

Submitted by TRS-80
TRS-80 (15569) writes "Apple has sent a DMCA takedown notice to the IpodHash project, claiming it circumvents their FairPlay DRM scheme. Some background: Apple first added a hash to the iTunesDB file in 6th-gen iPods, but it was quickly reverse-engineered. They changed it with the release of iPhone 2.0 and a project was started to reverse the new hash, but weren't successful yet. My guess is Apple used the same algorithm as FairPlay for the new hash, so Apple could use the DMCA to prevent competing apps like Songbird and Banshee from talking to iPods/iPhones. BTW, don't tell Apple, but the project uses a wiki, so the old page versions from before the takedown are still there."
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+ - Mozilla demanding Firefox display EULA in Ubuntu

Submitted by TRS-80
TRS-80 (15569) writes "Users of the upcoming Ubuntu release, Intrepid Ibex are being confronted with a EULA the first time they launch Firefox. Mark Shuttleworth says "Mozilla Corp asked that this be added in order for us to continue to call the browser Firefox. ... I would not consider an EULA as a best practice. It's unfortunate that Mozilla feels this is absolutely necessary" and notes there's an unbranded 'abrowser' package available. Most of the comments say Ubuntu should ditch Firefox as this makes it clear it's not Free Software, hence unsuitable for Ubuntu main, and just ship Iceweasel or Epiphany, the GNOME browser. HT: Phoronix."

+ - Sun refuses LGPL code for Openoffice; Novell forks-> 1

Submitted by TRS-80
TRS-80 (15569) writes "Kohei Yoshida wrote a long post on the history of Calc Solver, an optimization solver module for the Calc component of After three years of jumping through Sun's hoops on his own time, Sun says it will duplicate the work because Kohei doesn't want to sign over ownership of the code. Adding insult to injury, Sun then invites him join this duplication. Because of Sun's refusal to accept LPGL extensions in the upstream code, Michael Meeks (who recently talked about Sun's OO.o community failings, and ODF and OOXML) has announced ooo-build (previously just for build fixes) is now a formal fork of OpenOffice to be located at Will Sun admit it's being a control freak or continue with pointless duplication?"
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