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Journal: Stupid comments system

Journal by TRS-80
Gah, stupid /. - I go to post a nice first post (it even has content) to the firewire story, and I get the error "You can't post to this page." I change to using a proxy (my uni's) and I can post. But I lost my first post :-(wah wah, yeah, I'm a cry baby). I guess it must be my ISP's transparent proxy has been $rtbl'd or whatever the current situation is wrt stopping "trolls".
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Journal: Large ads and fans 3

Journal by TRS-80

Slashdot now has the oversize banner ads that are also supposed to be appearing on Keen{spot,space} (though I haven't seen any there).

While reading through the new journals by my friends, I came across a comment with a blue dot. What's this, I think, and upon investigation discover I have a fan. While further investigation shows that it's probably just a ruse to get me to list turg as a friend (which worked btw), I have to wonder how he chose me, given that I've only occasionally posted to /., and not at all this year. More to the point, I generally regard /. comments as a waste of time ... but some of these journals aren't that bad. To ramble some more, it's interesting the discussions and communities that have formed here. Perhaps if kuro5hin had the friends feature I might read some of the diaries there ...

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