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Comment: If only (Score 2) 280

by TRRosen (#46747241) Attached to: Bachelor's Degree: An Unnecessary Path To a Tech Job

If only HR managers understood this or knew that computer science has nothing to do with computers. The entire computer industry was built by college dropouts and is ruled by technology that changes faster then a 4 year degree. Hire people that understand technology and can learn new tech on the run. Degrees are meaningless in tech and are becoming more so in all areas.

Comment: Aaarrrggghhh (Score 1) 420

by TRRosen (#43442197) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Regulate Civilian Drones Now

Quit using the term DRONES. To quote Mr Montoya ' it does not mean what you think it means'. Drones mostly do not exist outside the lab and are illegal to fly in the US. UAV's are just planes where the pilot isn't inside it. However the pilot is in control and as such a UAV should be legally considered an extension of the user. If the UAV trespasses the user trespasses. Flying over your neighbors house is illegal for the most part. Flying above your house to get a good view of his...well its no different then standing on a ladder, your roof or some other platform. Should we ban windows more the 20ft above the ground.

Comment: Re:Doesn't Fully Disable? (Score 1) 188

by TRRosen (#41697185) Attached to: User Tracking Back On iOS 6

nope android users aren't dumb at all. Hey clueless they're your wireless carrier. If your phone is on they are tracking you! Do you think when you make calls they have no idea what phone is connecting to there network? It doesn't matter what phone or what carrier if you connect they know where you are. It's part of the connection protocol and can never be turned off. And unless your VPNing they know every site you visit.

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