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Comment Re:celebgate (Score 1) 93

Your bank account info is private by nature an icloud account is not. People will know your email.
Apple must maintain a balance between security and usability. If Apple were stupid enough to use a 5, 10 or even 20 attempt then cutoff system it would simply create a huge weakness for DOS attacks. Having a cool off period after multiple fails is the best strategy it makes brute force attacks useless as I could take years to get in. Alerting people after failed attempts is useless. Any webmaster knows that every possible point of entry will but subject to constant attemps. People would get these alerts all the time making them meaningless.
In the end it is all dependent on the user. The more sensitive what your protecting the stronger your passwords need to be.

Comment Re:It's almost sane(really) (Score 2) 502

Actually doesn't matter if your US or Foreign a subpoena is a subpoena. You must produce the evidence if it is in your control. Where the evidence is irrelevant you are within the jurisdiction you are compelled to produce it. This has been applied to physical documents. Not this is not seizing evidence it is compelling an entity to produce it.

Comment Re:It's almost sane(really) (Score 5, Insightful) 502

That is a completely irrelevant example. Were not talking about subpoenaing a foreign company or entity. We are talking about forcing companies operating in the US to turn over information that is in their possession (under there control).

The basic concept here is that data does not exist in the physical world. Where the electrons are is irrelevant if the entity that controls it exists in the US.

Comment Let's do the math (Score 1) 363

That's $200 of raw aluminum. So at least $400 for the battery pack plus $100 to do the swap.

Your most likely looking at $500 for a 1000 mile battery.

So 4x more expensive then gas or standard battery pack. I don't see the oil companies quaking in fear.

Range extending technologies can not be viable if they cost more than an ICE.

Comment No smoking gun (Score 2) 215

There is no smoking gun because "no hire agreements are not per se illegal". You have to prove the agreement resulted in a "naked restraint of trade". The likelyhood of this case being won in court was nil. Courts have rarely if ever made such findings without evidence that employees where prevented from leaving or initiating contact with other companies. All we have here is a no poach agreement which has no chance of being viewed as restraint of trade. All in all, this is just a nuisance suit that was cheaper to settle then defend and that caused so amount poor publicity.

Comment If only (Score 2) 287

If only HR managers understood this or knew that computer science has nothing to do with computers. The entire computer industry was built by college dropouts and is ruled by technology that changes faster then a 4 year degree. Hire people that understand technology and can learn new tech on the run. Degrees are meaningless in tech and are becoming more so in all areas.

"Consider a spherical bear, in simple harmonic motion..." -- Professor in the UCB physics department