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Comment: Dying handhelds (Score 4, Interesting) 86

by TJamieson (#44803615) Attached to: Sony Unveils the PS Vita TV and Slimmer Vita Handheld

This seems to be Sony's hedging of their bets that maybe handheld gaming devices are in their dying days. They get to turn the Vita into a pseudo-console/PS4 accessory and keep developers on the Vita platform in general. Maybe this is what Nintendo should be doing instead of a 2DS?

Comment: Re:Use after free is *not* just a DOS vulnerbabili (Score 1) 100

by TJamieson (#44243303) Attached to: VLC And Secunia Fighting Over Vulnerability Reports

My understanding is the libmkv terminate was the DoS portion. The SWF use-after-free would indeed be vulnerable, but is also within ffmpeg. While it would be nice - and in their best interests - if VLC fixed it upstream, it should have been reported as an ffmpeg issue imo.

Comment: Re:At least they tried (Score 4, Informative) 330

Not only that, the whole article is trollish. They're not "circling the drain" or anything like that; rather they saw that Nook sales sucked, ate up their profits from their standard business, and decided to kill the Nook line. Also known as "adapting to market conditions" - exactly what they should do!

Desktops (Apple)

Apple Updates MacBooks and Mac Pro Desktop With Haswell, "Unified Thermal Core" 464

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the next-cube-on-drugs dept.
MojoKid writes with more detailed information on the new hardware Apple announced earlier today at WWDC "On the hardware side, Apple is updating its two MacBook Air devices; both the 11-inch and 13-inch versions will enjoy better battery life (up to 9 hours and 12 hours, respectively), thanks in no small part to having Intel's new Haswell processors inside. They'll also have 802.11ac WiFi on board. Both models have 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 or i7 (Haswell) processors, Intel HD Graphics 5000, 4GB of RAM, and has 128GB or 256GB of flash storage. Arguably the scene stealer on the desktop side of things is a completely redesigned Mac Pro. The 9.9-inch tall cylindrical computer boasts a new 'unified thermal core' which is designed to conduct heat away from the CPU and GPU while distributing it uniformly and using a single bottom-mounted intake fan. It rocks a 12-core Intel Xeon processor, dual AMD FirePro GPUs (standard), 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory (60GBps), and PCIe flash storage with up to 1.25GBps read speeds. The system promises 7 teraflops of graphics performance, supports 4k displays, and has a host of ports including four USB 3.0, two gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI 1.4, six Thunderbolt 2 ports that offer super-fast (20Gbps) external connectivity."

Comment: Re:The drivers still suck, so why bother? (Score 1) 189

by TJamieson (#43540055) Attached to: AMD Radeon HD 7990 Released: Dual GPUs and 6G of Memory for $1000

Isn't that more of a problem with the circuitry inside the TV? I remember reading a bunch of stuff by mjg about how the EDID and such inside TVs are a complete joke, if present at all. One anecdote he listed was a 32" 720p-class TV with a Thinkpad (yes, Thinkpad) 4:3 EDID.

Comment: Re:The drivers still suck, so why bother? (Score 1) 189

by TJamieson (#43540031) Attached to: AMD Radeon HD 7990 Released: Dual GPUs and 6G of Memory for $1000

FWIW, while FreeBSD does not yet have KMS, it is definitely being worked on. I think the goal is to have KMS entirely running on BSD so all these video drivers can work there too. It's unfortunate that the BSDs are effectively held back now by this, but the driver model did necessitate a change. Devs had wrung out all they could out of the old-style drivers.

Comment: Re: Let's not kid ourselves here (Score 2) 127

by TJamieson (#43539953) Attached to: Netflix: 'Arrested Development' Won't Crash Our Service

The reason given for releasing them all at once is that while there is an order they expect them to be viewed, they can be viewed in random order to get the stories in different perspectives. Portia de Rossi said something to the effect of if you watch her episode first, Lucille ends up looking particularly bitchy, but if you watch Jessica Walters' episode first, Lindsay ends up looking bitchy.

The Internet

Ship Anchor, Not Sabotaging Divers, Possibly Responsible For Outage 43

Posted by samzenpus
from the who's-to-blame dept.
Nerval's Lobster writes "This week, Egypt caught three men in the process of severing an undersea fiber-optic cable. But Telecom Egypt executive manager Mohammed el-Nawawi told the private TV network CBC that the reason for the region's slowdowns was not the alleged saboteurs — it was damage previously caused by a ship. On March 22, cable provider Seacom reported a cut in its Mediterranean cable connecting Southern and Eastern Africa, the Middle East and Asia to Europe; it later suggested that the most likely cause of the incident was a ship anchor, and that traffic was being routed around the cut, through other providers. But repairs to the cable took longer than expected, with the Seacom CEO announcing March 23 that the physical capability to connect additional capacity to services in Europe was "neither adequate nor stable enough," and that it was competing with other providers. The repairs continued through March 27, after faults were found on the restoration system; that same day, Seacom denied that the outage could have been the work of the Egyptian divers, but said that the true cause won't be known for weeks. 'We think it is unlikely that the damage to our system was caused by sabotage,' the CEO wrote in a statement. 'The reasons for this are the specific location, distance from shore, much greater depth, the presence of a large anchored vessel on the fault site which appears to be the cause of the damage and other characteristics of the event.'"

Comment: Re:Blame the pirates (Score 1) 569

by TJamieson (#43094253) Attached to: SimCity 5: How Not To Design a Single Player Game

I'm with you; I love that, some 10 years on, I can still just fire up SC4 from time to time and play around for a little while. Then, if I'm changing PCs, all I have to do is copy a directory full of files to the new box. Sad that this is now a "killer feature", being able to control your data.


+ - Victory for Apple in "the Patent Trial of the Century"-> 2

Submitted by pdabbadabba
pdabbadabba (720526) writes "The jury is in in the epic patent dispute between Apple and Samsung and Apple appears to be coming out on top. The court is still going through the 700+ items on the verdict form, but things seem to be going Apple's way so far. In the case of Apple's various UI patents, the jury is consistently ruling that Samsung not only violated Apple's patent, but did so willfully."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:2007 Mac Mini couldn't be upgraded (Score 1) 397

by TJamieson (#40823491) Attached to: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Gets Three Million Downloads In 4 Days

Even some 64-bit EFI machines won't run it, because they have Intel graphics. Anything with the 965 series (such as X3100) is unsupported for one reason - there was never a 64-bit kext for it. This is also what kept these machines from booting a 64-bit kernel in 10.7. So if Apple and/or Intel would actually create a 64-bit kext for the 965 series, a whole bunch more machines would run it just fine.

FWIW, this might also get your Mini up and running, as there are definitely ways to get around the 32-bit EFI problem. But until they create that kext (read: never), it's not gonna happen.

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