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by TJ_Phazerhacki (#48169589) Attached to: As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal
I'm sorry for your situation, but corporate BG checks are pretty much a joke after 10 years.As long as you aren't applying for jobs that have an application-form process, unless you were convicted of fraud or something involving theft, it won't even be a blip during the interview process. While there are very specific jobs you are disqualified from holding (you can't be Bonded, and you can't carry a Gun) it won't even come to light until they've already decided if they want to hire you.

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I typically prefer walking up ramps to the god-awful low-rise steps they are using now. So at least I can use the 'benefit' they are legally required to provide from an ADA perspective. Whereas if I chose not to take advantage of a provision I am physically able to use, it would be my own fault.

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While I think that the vast majority of 'cell phone photography' is shite and demonstrates nothing more than the cultural obsession with the idea that we are special, unique, and that other people want to be deluged with our personal experiences, the fine-grain minutiae of technique involving strictly technical methodology is simply a tool, and an out of date one at that. There seems to be just as much of a delusion with photogs about the difference between changing the capturing parameters of an image, and simply post-processing the image to appear the way you want it to, and I suspect that most of the harrumpf'ing comes from people who are upset that you can now do in Photoshop what it used to take thousands and thousands of shots to gain the knowledge to accomplish.

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It's been fun to watch the reaction to smartwatches over at Hodinkee - 'high-end' watch fans will have a hard time taking ANYTHING that costs less than a grand seriously, and most people who wear a high-end watch certainly aren't doing it for the functionality of the perpetual calendar or the accuracy of the tourbillion movement.

I have my own issues with the iWatch, but while I will call the design clean and modern, I certainly won't call it beautiful.

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But I have a hard time referring to Rev. Jackson by the titular "US Civil Rights Leader" when in fact, he is most widely known for promoting the civil rights of a specific minority. Also, and again, I don't like where this is going. Hiring should be based on qualification of skill, and NOTHING else. Trying to make up for inequality of upbringing by arbitrating diversity standards is as stupid today as it was 20 years ago.

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When Colorado passed the recreational Marijuana law last year, the AG stated that he expected to review employment-discrimination cases by the end of this year. It's going to be interesting when it comes to companies that do business in Colorado and other states, since current doctrine allows companies to have policies dependent on individual state laws, but I don't believe any of then conflict with national policy.

Regardless of your stance on the morality of it, maybe we just start treating one drug (MJ) like another (Alcohol or Tobacco) from a legal perspective? Contrary to Mr. Christie, Denver is a fantastic place to live, and I genuinely believe the recreational industry has improved it even more.

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I was actually curious about this - when I used to play with radio scanners, you could (theoretically) get in lots of trouble if you opened them up and sniffed on frequencies that weren't approved. I would imagine very low level control of the radio within a phone could get you in tons of trouble if you were able to spoof things like the IMEI, but even if it was somehow burned into the silicon, you could still play silly buggers with a very controlled set of rules and standards.

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Didn't we go through this same nonsense with Windows 7 and XP? Call it buggy software or just a resistance to change, it is effectively guaranteed that in 3ish years the headline will be the same, about a major OEM offering disgruntled low-end consumers the last-gen OS as an option. It does NOT signal the death of Metro, or the supremacy of 7, or even a policy shift at MS - it's a vendor kowtowing to consumer demand.

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