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Comment: Re:Shut up and take my money (Score 3, Interesting) 85

by TFlan91 (#46734435) Attached to: <em>Civilization: Beyond Earth</em> Announced

I've always hated the end game of Civ's. It's always felt... dissatisfying. Early/Mid game was always fun but if it lasted to the end game, I usually ended up quitting and starting over.

This newly announced game has so many paths it could take and the possibilities are truly endless, if the dev's decide to make it so that is. I had faith, but after Civ V, the Sid Meier's brand has faltered in my eyes.

(i've been playing his games since Sid Meier's Civilization (holy shit that was a long time ago), my favorite, to this day, is still Gettysburg)

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TFlan91 (2615727) writes ""In the modern responsive Web Three Point Oh Internet, Slashdot stands like a thing frozen in time—it's a coelacanth stuck incongruously in an aquarium full of more colorful fish. The technology news aggregator site has been around since 1997, making it positively ancient as websites are reckoned. More importantly, Slashdot's long focus on open source technology news and topics has caused it to accrete a user base that tends to be extremely technical, extremely skilled, and extremely opinionated." ...

"For most sites, a redesign isn't a big deal—Ars has certainly had its share, and we will have more as we evolve. But Slashdot is unique in that there is no other place on the Internet with quite the same mix of entrenched knowledge and personalities. The user base skews heavily toward developers, and unlike StackExchange or other, newer communities, this community has been allowed to ossify for more than a decade. Programmers—and most of the core active Slashdot community are programmers to the bone—don't like it when their tools are changed for no reason, and slapping a fresh coat of paint onto the front of the site without delivering any obvious value to those core users isn't going to work.""

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Comment: PERFECT TIMING!! (Score 1) 555

by TFlan91 (#45497159) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: MMORPG Recommendations?

Perfect timing on this post!

I'm beta testing Elder Scrolls Online as I'm typing this. So far absolutely fantastic! Love the deep customization of your character and the graphics are amazing. Rockin an HD 5770 1gb and I'm still easily hitting my cap at 60 fps, havent seen it dip below 60 fps yet.

Will keep you updated as I play this weekend.

(It's only been online for 1.5 hours)

Comment: Snapchat vs PrimeSense (Score 2) 81

by TFlan91 (#45453891) Attached to: Reports: Apple To Buy Israeli 3D Sensing Company PrimeSense

Firstly: Yes, I agree that whatever price Facebook offered, if it offered anything, to SnapChat is grossly exaggerated and out of proportion.

However, everyone seems to forget that SnapChat is in touch with almost 99% of all youth and a very large percentage of all smartphone users.

A "customer base" MUCH larger than anything PrimeSense will EVER dream of touching.

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