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Comment LEDs (Score 1) 508

Oh my god LEDs.

My living room needs a warning sign for people with epilepsy. I don't need to know every flippin bit that is going across the wire for my router AND modem.

The 5 LEDs that are constantly on to indicate connectivity? Useless after the first 5 seconds of booting. I can tell if it's working by having internet or not! I don't need fancy blue then orange then green lights to tell me this.

I feel like marketing said "We need what people see in movies with huge machines and dancing lights that mean absolutely nothing to 99% of the people."

If those LEDs are so absolutely needed to figure out whats going on, then that person shouldn't be trying to figure out whats going on, and they should be put behind a maintenance panel that triggers then being on or off by it being open ( Meaning I don't want a panel to cover it, then seeing a rainbow of colors from the heat vent )

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