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Comment: Re: requires root access and will only run on Qual (Score 1) 71

by TFlan91 (#48714567) Attached to: New App Detects Government Stingray Cell Phone Trackers

I recently purchased and starting playing with the one plus one. It's easily rooted (this is my first non-apple mobile phone) and I've already have many apps that track tower ID's, but...

For someone like myself who doesn't travel all that often, I look at these apps every now and then to remember where my towers are. This is so that when I do need to do something I want private, I can simply recall if the tower I'm connected to is what I remember.

Not hard to do

Comment: Re:triggering below percentage is dumb (Score 4, Insightful) 96

by TFlan91 (#48523137) Attached to: Windows 10 Adds Battery Saver Feature

^ This.

So this. 100x this.

The logic behind all these battery savers is ridiculous.

"Your battery is now at 20%" - Let me warning you every 5 minutes that it's low, consuming even MORE battery. Once is enough, thanks.
"Your battery is now at 10%" - Let me tell all applications about this so they can all send their data to the "cloud" all at once, draining it EVEN FURTHER!
"Your battery is now at ... " - Phone turned off due to too many bells and whistles about your battery being low!

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