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Comment: Re:why do we continue to do research.. (Score 4, Insightful) 90

by TFlan91 (#49293165) Attached to: Google: Our New System For Recognizing Faces Is the Best

Scientists and engineers are by definition not supposed to be ethical.

You and I, as private citizens, take what they produce, determine if it's ethical/profitable/whatever, and act accordingly. Whether that is enacting a law banning said product, regulating it, or saying let the market do with it as it pleases.

As a programmer, I applaud their skill, and even more so that they were able to complete what they set out to do. As a programmer, I understand why we celebrate these type of stories.

As a private citizen, I do fear for my privacy.

But do not confuse the two perspectives.

Comment: Re:The Rules (Score 1) 347

by TFlan91 (#49243795) Attached to: FCC Posts Its 400-Page Net Neutrality Order

How does this:

3) No Paid Prioritization - An ISP can't tell a website that the website will be slowed down unless they pay for "fast lane access." (Note: This doesn't mean the ISP can't sell users faster speeds for more money. Just that ISPs can't try to double-dip by charging web content providers to allow/speed up their traffic through the ISP's network as well as charging users for the Internet access to get the web content.)

Affect Netflix and that whole deal, if at all

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