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This would make it kind of pointless to develop drugs that have a high production cost.
You could count profit instead - but not profit on the drug, but profit on the patent. Let the company pick any cost per unit of product as the 'patent profit', then count that down for each unit of product sold. However, also force the company to license the patent for the same amount to anyone else that wants it.

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by TFAFalcon (#48080571) Attached to: Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"

From what I've experienced, capitalism is about as likely to take away human rights and material wealth as communism. My country was doing OK under communism. Most people were happy, they had steady jobs, owned their homes, had free healthcare and education. Since we switched to capitalism not much has improved, while many things have gone and are continuing to go down-hill. And 90% of the people now have less wealth than they did under communism.

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What's wrong with saying 'I don't know?' Demanding that atheists know how the Universe came to be seems just as wrong as demanding that you explain how God came to be. Except that the atheists can at least claim to have at least some evidence that the Universe exists (even if it could all be false), so they can at least start their search for an answer with relatively solid footing.

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It is unfair because other companies ARE required to pay taxes. It is unfair because groups of people are treated differently than individuals.

Why do we have different taxes for corporations and individuals? Just have every person (legal or physical) pay income taxes. And just like current income taxes, have them pay income taxes for any income earned abroad that has not yet been taxes at the same level as at home. And do the same for the person owning the company - have them pay income taxes if the taxes paid by the corporation were lower than those of the country where the owner resides.

This would also solve the problem of tax shelters - they wouldn't work now unless the entire company, including it's owners resided in a tax shelter (which is surprisingly not often the case, I guess tax shelters aren't all that good for actually running a company in.

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It was you that claimed that what Israel is doing does not come close to what the Nazis did. I just pointed out that it comes quite close to the slightly less known masterplan of the Nazis - the one that was the reason for the whole WW2 - desire to take land to expand. It was not some minor feature of their leader or something that is ultimately unimportant - it was a planned ethnic cleansing of whole nations on a scale that would have made the Holocaust just a footnote.
And it is remarkably similar to what Israel is doing now. Removing the current occupant from a land they took in war. And that is something that I consider an unmitigated evil.

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And if they attack from the nearly empty land where the settlements are the Israeli army can kill them without killing hundreds of civilians at the same time.

If the government refuses to prevent further attacks, then I can't see anyone objecting to an invasion. Just make sure that your first response to an attack isn't to bomb the government, so it has no way to even attempt to control the militants.

And regarding the justification of invading, just look at Afghanistan. They got invaded for perhaps harboring the guy that led the group that planned 9/11.

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Well the first thing could be to stop treating Palestinians like they weren't even human. Acknowledge that they are there and that there is a state of Palestine. Stop building settlements that mean that the Palestinians keep loosing more and more land the longer the 'peace process' goes on. Stop the blocade of Gaza.

And after that treat them like a state - if they attack you attack them right, occupy and annex the area they launched the rockets from etc. - they would be fully justified in doing that when in a state of war. But what we have now is just a state of oppression where the Palestinians in Gaza don't really have anything left to loose. So give them something to loose and take it away later if they keep acting like bloodthirsty idiots.

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