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Sun Microsystems

+ - Oracle to buy Sun Microsystems->

Submitted by l00sr
l00sr writes: Software giant Oracle just agreed to buy hardware giant Sun Microsystems. As a hardware company, Sun has been a strong supporter of open source software, including OpenOffice, VirtualBox, and perhaps most relevantly, MySQL. One can only wonder what the corporate overlords at Oracle have in mind for the future of these and many more open-source projects.
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+ - Broadband forum sued over user comments

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weighn writes: "PC World (Australia) and The SMH report that "A software firm is suing a community website over comments published on its forum. 2Clix is suing the owner of the popular broadband community site Whirlpool, Simon Wright, for "injurious falsehood", asking for $AUS150,000 in damages and an injunction requiring Whirlpool to remove forum threads highly critical of 2Clix's accounting software.
Dale Clapperton, chairman of the online users lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia, said 2Clix was using the law to silence its critics. Whirlpool users have begun donating money to the site to help Wright cover any legal costs."

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