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Comment: Re:What about Super Hornets (Score 4, Informative) 274

by TCPhotography (#45025259) Attached to: Asian Giant Hornets Kill 42 People In China, Injure Over 1,500

I'd mark you funny, but only the E, F, & G* versions of the F/A-18 are the Super Hornets. the A-D version are just the Hornet.
*The EF-18G is the Electronic Warfare version of the Super Hornet, but it can carry anti-radiation missiles** so it can kill people.
** Missiles that target radiating sources such as Radars.

Comment: Re:It's a solid rocket booster stack (Score 1) 94

by TCPhotography (#44860571) Attached to: Japan Controls Rocket Launch With Just 8 People and 2 Laptops

It's convertible to a STOVL carrier, so it could operate things like Harriers and F-35Bs, which are marginally less capable than the STOBAR (Short Take Off, BArrier Recovery) ship the PLAN has and dramatically less than the conventional CATOBAR (CAtapult Take Off, BArrier Recovery) ships the USN, Marine Nationale, and the Brazilian Navy has.

Comment: Re:I don't understand all the anger over Google (Score 1) 164

by TCPhotography (#43251557) Attached to: Google Keep End-of-Life Date Forecasted

The solution on the Chromebook end is to install Linux - and as of now they still have a switch on the laptop (under the battery in my Cr-48) that turns off verified boot, allowing users to install any OS they want (that will run on the hardware - Win7, Chrubuntu, and OSX have been shown working in the wild).

Comment: Re:I say cut the F-35 (Score 1) 484

by TCPhotography (#42990709) Attached to: There Is Plenty To Cut At the Pentagon

Our military expenditures aren't just huge, they are to the point of being borderline insane. We have enough nukes to kill every human on earth 100 times over, there's no possibility of any country invading us for at least the next several hundred years

I'm all for gutting the Army and the marines but the US, as a trading nation, needs to keeps the sea lanes of communication open. That means a large navy, which we are getting away from. And the US does not have the nuclear arsenal to kill everyone on Earth a hundred times over unless everyone stood in nice neat groups, which they don't.

Comment: Re:Get a signature PC (Score 1) 657

by TCPhotography (#42103563) Attached to: Windows 8 PCs Still Throttled By Crapware

Great. Now for homework try your Google-fu to see all the alternatives to the LabVIEW approach. I've used both, and LabVIEW is far inferior to what can be done with a Linux system.

Go ahead and try to name an actual application that "is supported on Windows but has less support, or lower performance, or doesn't work at all, on the other operating systems ", then I'll tell you the better alternative in the Open Source domain. ( I do agree that if you are in the desktop publishing business GIMP may not be a suitable substitute for Photoshop, though for 99% of people who need to do graphics design and editing GIMP indeed serves as a fine replacement.)

I'm waiting for you to provide 'the better alternative' like you said you would.

I've mentioned this before, but when you have entire ecosystems built on Windows/Office it can be exceptionally difficult to migrate to open source. You have to make sure everything works or you will have people who will block the migration.

If you want another program, then SolidWorks.

RAM wasn't built in a day.