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Comment: I'm not a physicist. (Score 1) 259

by TBedsaul (#43473803) Attached to: Higgs Data Could Spell Trouble For Leading Big Bang Theory

But wouldn't something like the quantum immortality effect come into play here? In other words, to steal the Matterhorn analogy, we are guaranteed to have fallen into the dimple at the top instead of falling down the sides because we live in this universe and all the other possible universes never formed because they did fall down the sides.

Granted, occams razor and all that, but it is at least interesting to think about.

Comment: Re:Fellow passengers are your best defense (Score 1) 1174

by TBedsaul (#39806599) Attached to: TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl

I can give you a concrete example of how you're wrong. I'll point you to the passengers of flight 93 on Septembet 11th, 2001.

Once they found they weren;t on the standard "free trip to Cuba" that hijackings were though to be before that day, they seemed to be quite willing to stand up for themselves, even if it meant their lives.

Comment: Re:Car Wars? (Score 1) 95

Ironically, I was a beta tester for Auto Assault. I even got a blurb in their marketing materials. Unfortunately, that was before I ever played it. 3rd person perspective, nothing meaningful when the player was out of the car (a ped should have the option of taking on a car, no matter how suicidal), no positional damage and an overall game mechaninc that was less Car Wars and more WoW on roller skates really runined that game.

Planetside probably came closer than anything I've experienced. A couple of harassers and marauders tearing down the road, trading MG fire and lobbing grenades at each other was a blast.

Comment: The Holy Grail (Score 2) 95

A MMOFPS version of Car Wars. The game I've been waiting for since I bought my pocket box version of Car Wars back in '82. I understand they've been waiting till it can be done right but I really want to see this before my time is up.

Also, an updated version of Ogre for PCs or even tablets.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. -- Isaac Asimov