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Comment Re:Gas (Score 5, Insightful) 53

Since gas is between $1-$2 a gallon now I think the need for hybrids has passed.

"Passed" isn't quite the right word. These prices are something Saudi Arabia is doing on purpose to try to run all the US shale oil producers out of business. If their plan works (Mwaahahahah! Good kitty), presumably they will then be able to go right back up to the higher prices they were selling Oil at 5 years ago.

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 560

No. This is silly. You're better off having GPS than not having it - just don't shut off your common sense at the same time.

Quite. For instance, I once had a GPS take me off a main thoroughfare when I knew I was not close to my destination, and then instruct me to turn again at "Martin Luther King Blvd". When I was stupid enough to comply with that, it told me to turn on a small dark road, right where there was a creepy cemetery.

Since I'm alive and typing this, I obviously didn't comply.

Comment Re:Pay-per-click is a broken model (Score 3, Interesting) 287

The company I work for "has ways" to determine ROI; If you buy a car based on an ad you saw a couple weeks ago, they are fairly good about linking those two events in some fashion or another. People smarter than me are working on it. I just work on some of the mundane configuration side of things. It's a bit frightening how good it is.

But are you sure those "ways" are actually effective? I've talked to quite a few laymen recently, including last week a successful marketing professional, who were convinced that read-receipts were an effective way to judge when and how many people read the emails they send. The marketing person was even quoting me general statistics based on this.

But of course not all email clients honor, or even support read receipts. I'm not even sure most of them do. Some folks try to get around this by embedding externally-hosted images, but any good email client shouldn't automatically present those either. So while a "read-receipt" can (probably) be used to tell that some person has at least glanced at your email, they don't really tell you anything about who hasn't.

What I'm at getting here is that marketing people have a nasty tendency to have completely unwarranted blind faith in their tools, when they don't really understand how those tools work and what their actual limitations are. So I really would take any info from them about tech with a grain of salt, no matter how certain they are about it. In fact, the more certain they are, the more suspicious you should be.

Comment Twitter's doing NOTHING. Yay! (Score 1) 203

So Twitter's solution to their unfettered harassment problem is a 40 person committee?

Basically, this is a nice way of saying they won't be doing anything, but perhaps paying protection money into some industry groups so that they won't complain any more.

They can completely change the concept of a feed, and throw out the character limit that has been the defining feature of the service since its inception. But actual tools to allow users to manage asshats on the service (like even /. has had for nearly 20 frigging years)? Ohhh, that's too radical. How about we appoint a committee ...

Comment Re:so self-inflicted it isn't funny (Score 1) 48

This is a violation of the type system pure and simple, but one that doesn't compromise any specific compilation unit. That leaves the linker as the next line of defense, but like to keep our C linkers in dark boxes full of trust-me horse shit.

For the most part linkers aren't supposed to be language-specific. Whatever language you use (it could indeed be C, but it could easily be something else) produces an object file in the OS's standard object file format, and the linker's job is to link various object files and libraries together into an executable.

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