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Comment: Colour temperature vs CRI (Score 1) 229

by spaceyhackerlady (#47432963) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

This was an educational experience for me, learning the difference between colour temperature, which is really only valid for continuum sources, and colour rendering index, more applicable to spectral line sources. Low CRIs don't necessarily have a low colour temperature, but they definitely distort perceived colour, whether they're too blue, or the weird orange of sodium vapour lights.

The most stringent CRI requirement in my home is my makeup mirror. Which is the last incandescent bulb...



US Tech Firms Recruiting High Schoolers (And Younger) 253

Posted by Soulskill
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ShaunC writes: Is there a glut of qualified American tech workers, or isn't there? Some companies like Facebook and Airbnb are now actively courting and recruiting high school students as young as 13 with promises of huge stipends and salaries. As one student put it, "It's kind of insane that you can make more than the U.S. average income in a summer." Another who attended a Facebook-sponsored trip said he'd "forego college for a full-time job" if it were offered. Is Silicon Valley taking advantage of naive young workers?

Comment: Three years and counting (Score 1) 229

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I installed my first CFLs in 2011. They're still going strong.

The choice I made at the time was between startup behaviour and colour temperature. They either come on immediately but have a blue cast, or take a minute to warm up but have a warmer colour. I have the former in my kitchen, the latter in my living room and bedroom.

LEDs are interesting but their "white" is such a weird colour I'll pass on them for now.


Comment: Safety. Always. (Score 1) 464

I'm intrigued.

The visibility from the cockpit of many planes is actually quite mediocre. This was an issue, for example, for American flight 191. The pilots couldn't actually see the DC-10's engines from the cockpit, and did the wrong thing in response a perceived engine failure. Anything that helps pilots process and interpret information is A Good Thing.

Another bit of fictional prior art: the Far Star's control system in Foundation's Edge.


Comment: sexist double standard (Score 1) 265

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I wonder if this has anything to do with the double-standard that Facebook applies to nudity in images. Posting a drawing or painting of a male butt can get your photo removed and your account suspended, while posting a photograph of female breasts gets nothing. Too many straight guys reviewing people's image uploads?

Comment: Re:Diversity is not a virtue (Score 1) 265

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"Diversity is not a virtue", said the straight white dude who fears he will lose his unearned position of privilege if diversity is valued in the workforce.

"There is nothing worthwhile in diversity in and of itself," said the straight white dude who fears he will lose his unearned position of privilege because diversity in the workforce makes his character traits less valued.

Of course you are right, straight white dude: diversity in the workforce doesn't do a whole lot to directly make things better for you. But there are other people in the world who matter too. As much as you do, even (if you can wrap your self-centered solipsistic little brain about that). It is a virtue, because it's worthwhile for them.

Wireless Networking

Funding for iFind Kickstarter Suspended 104

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An anonymous reader writes As of approximately 9AM PDT, funding for the iFind project at Kickstarter, the one with the bluetooth tags that have no battery and that harvest energy from WiFi and other radio sources, has been suspended. No word yet on how this came about. Not an unexpected outcome since their claims of harvesting enough energy for a Bluetooth beacon from ambient wireless signals looked pretty far-fetched.

Comment: Moderately, I suppose... (Score 1) 163

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Funny you should ask: I just got back from a trip to London. Eight time zones worth of jet lag.

I find the first night there or back is no problem to get to sleep, because I'm so totally wasted I can't hold my eyes open anyway. It's the second night that's the killer. After that I'm fine. Getting up at the right time is a challenge on flights to the east coast, but is rarely an issue for Europe.

Unless you're making a phone call or having some other sort of live interaction, the time at home is irrelevant. Don't even think about it. The time where you are is the time that matters.


Comment: Re:Families come first (Score 1) 370

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"Older people have families, they come first."

No, I don't. So they do not.

But I'm almost 50, and I figure that I've successfully interviewed for my last tech job. That doesn't mean I'll never get hired for another job, but it does mean that I won't get another job through the hiring process that recruits younger techs. If I get one, it'll be through networking, through the still-good-old-boy system.

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