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Comment: Re:Motorola used to have rules against that, IIRC (Score 1) 190

They didn't slow down to land

What was the windspeed and direction at the time of landing? What did ATC indicate was the minimum landing speed for wind conditions at the airport? What did the aircraft / company manual indicate what minimum approach speeds were for the conditions provided by ATC?

There's so much wrong with this statement that it makes my head hurt. Who the hell thinks ATC dictates landing speeds? Those are determined by the pilots. If you asked ATC what your approach speed should be, they'd laugh you out of their airspace.

Comment: Why is this an issue? (Score 2) 215

The NSA is SUPPOSED to be spying on foreign countries. IS that not what our spy agencies do? (CIA, NSA, etc). The issues is with them spying on Americans. Hell, I WANT them tapped into every other government on the planet. The more we know about others, the better for us. Just stay out of my damn e-mail.

(To be fair, I also understand that, say, the french spy agency, would be trying to spy on OUR government. that's how the world works)

Comment: Re:GIGO (Score 1) 722

by T-Bucket (#45245377) Attached to: Google: Our Robot Cars Are Better Drivers Than You

No, that's not it at all. Dropping the speed limit from "stupidly low" to "Even MORE stupidly low" won't change a thing. Most modern cars can cruise at 80+ all day long on an interstate highway perfectly safely. The problem is the idiot texting, or insisting he has the right to be in the left lane because "he's going the speed limit!"

I'm too lazy to search it out now, but there are NUMEROUS studies showing that increasing speed limits has either no effect or a net POSITIVE effect on safety. (It's only negative for police revenue generation).

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