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Comment: Re:Proud to be an American (Score 1) 137

No, Bush II was elected only once (2004). The first time was a judicial coronation un-ironically pushed into the Federal courts by the "state's rights" party, who trampled Florida's state's rights (and black letter law) about recounts (specifically, there were provisions of Florida law which the Feds stepped in and stopped).

Speaking as a resident of Florida (at the time), it is incredibly funny to me that the GOP shill who did the RNC's dirty work in FL (Sec. of State Katherine Harris, who was also Bush's FL campaign manager) thought this was going to "make her bones" with the national party, but what actually happened was they used her to get the job done and then dumped her as fast as they could (even encouraging other GOPers to run against her). The political lesson? When they put you up as the front person to do something illegal, be ready to be abandoned or scapegoated.

Comment: Re:It's "Piss Off the Educated and Enlightened" Ti (Score 1) 667

by Szechuan Vanilla (#46559749) Attached to: Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

>A worldview in which all that exist are space, time, matter, energy and chance allows people to pursue their own perverted and tyrannical ways.

as does a world in which people believe a God exists, and if you don't believe that then you've either never read human history (specifically the egregious behavior of religious leaders from King David to Jim Jones) or you are truly a religious troll...

Comment: Re:This isn't as bad as it looks (Score 1) 741

by Szechuan Vanilla (#38844553) Attached to: Man Who Downloaded Bomb Recipes Jailed For 2 Years

And the UK security services are famous for literally grabbing you by the testicles and then asking a long series of questions, cf the Birmingham Six...

From a 1993 article in "The Independent" -

Gerry Hunter claimed that in the car taking them from Morecambe to Birmingham, Superintendent George Reade, who smelt of drink, punched and slapped him. Walker said that an officer called Kelly, also smelling of drink, head- butted him. Hill complained that a Sergeant Bennett whipped his testicles with the thong of his truncheon and that an Inspector Moore put a revolver into his mouth, 'said he was going to blow my fucking head off', pulled the trigger so that it clicked, then laughed. Hugh Callaghan said, 'I was in a state of shock. I do not know what I said. They said things to me. I agreed.'

Comment: Re:Man that sounds like a lot of effort (Score 2) 111

by Szechuan Vanilla (#38844101) Attached to: ReDigi Defends Used Digital Music Market

>They sure as hell aren't worth thousands of dollars.

Spoken like someone who has not crawled on their hands and knees for years to master a musical instrument (or voice) and create a unique sound...

Don't punish the artists because the music industry is stupid, hidebound, and greedy: give the artists their due, for Gods' sake!

"Oh what wouldn't I give to be spat at in the face..." -- a prisoner in "Life of Brian"