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Submission + - Thomas Knight Launches Second Open Source Novel, Legacy->

Synchis writes: Fantasy author Thomas A. Knight announces the launch of his second open source novel, Legacy. Known for his contributions to Reglue, Knight hits home with Linux and Open Source geeks everywhere by using only Free and Open Source Software in the writing and production of his novels. Let's give Mr. Knight a warm Slashdot welcome, and check out his latest work!
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Submission + - Giving Back to the Community->

Synchis writes: Fantasy author Thomas A. Knight gets into the spirit of the season by giving the FOSS community a gift: putting his debut novel, The Time Weaver, up on Amazon for free from today until Christmas! For the next several days, you'll be able to pick up this novel 100% free (down from its normal price of $2.99). Knight uses 100% FOSS software in his writing, and wanted to give something back to the community that has done so much for the world. Merry Xmas!
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Submission + - An IndieGoGo Campaign For Ken Starks->

Synchis writes: Ken Starks, of Helios Project and Reglue Fame, requires life saving surgery to remove his larynx and right lymph node, but is being denied because he has had his insurance coverage revoked. A few members of the community have put together an IndieGoGo Campaign to help raise the funds to cover this great man's medical expenses. We have about two weeks to save Ken's life.
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Submission + - Smashwords Caves to Censorship->

Synchis writes: "Smashwords, a popular portal for indy authors to self-publish their works, has been targetted by Paypal to remove certain objectionable content, "Or Else." Well, it looks like Smashwords has buckled under the pressure, and sent it's members a mass email letting them know that content described by Paypal to be objectionable will be removed. This is the worst kind of censorship."
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Submission + - Interview: Author and Game Designer Jeff Grubb->

Synchis writes: Fantasy Author Thomas A. Knight continues his 29-day blogfest today by posting a special interview with Author and Game Designer Jeff Grubb. Jeff has been involved in projects ranging from the original D&D Unearthed Arcana and Monster Manual II, to more recent games such as Guild Wars Nightfall, and is also the author of various novels set in DragonLance, Forgotten Realms, Magic: The Gathering, Warcraft, StarCraft and the Guild Wars shared universes.
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Submission + - Gaming History and the People Who Made It->

Synchis writes: "It's not very often that the world changes in a significant way. Often change is rejected, feared, and denied. That's just part of human nature. But some people throughout history defied this nature — innovators in an established industry, and pioneers of entirely new ones. Steve Jobs was one such visionary, whose contributions to the computing and entertainment industry were nothing short of monumental. Others have shared his place at this prestigious level of human accomplishment, though not all of them have been celebrated as widely as Jobs has.

So here is a list of six people who changed the gaming world. A celebration, if you will, of human accomplishment:"

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Submission + - Ken Starks: The Unsung Hero->

Synchis writes: "Fantasy author Thomas A. Knight weighs in on one of Open Source's most modest heroes: 'Ken Starks is, by all standards, a normal guy. He lives in the Austin, Texas area, worked hard his entire life, raised a family, and has lived a mostly good life. Around 2005, Ken was pressure washing a building 38 feet in the air, when the lift failed. He came crashing to the ground, fracturing his spine at the neck. Thus ended one career, and began a new one.'"
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Submission + - The Time Weaver - Where FOSS meets Fantasy->

Synchis writes: "Ken Starks of the Helios Project has a blog post up today about an author, Thomas A. Knight, who has pledged a generous percentage of every book sale to The Helios Initiative. Thomas has not only written a great book for Fantasy fans, he managed to do it using only FOSS tools to get it done."
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Submission + - Burger King Selling Windows 7 Whopper->

Synchis writes: Forget Godzilla. Beginning Thursday, Burger King fans in Japan can get a mega-sized Whopper.

Microsoft is teaming up with Burger King to release the Windows 7 Whopper, our sister site Engadget reports. The burger features lucky-number-seven stacked beef patties and stands 5-inches tall.

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Submission + - Japan customs will require fingerprints.->

Synchis writes: "This link came to me in a company email and describes the changes going on in Japan to "Combat Terrorists". Tourists and travelers going to Japan will have to submit to being finger-printed and possibly photographed at customs. Some exemptions are made, but really, is this seriously necessary? Should normal people have to subject themselves to being treated like a common criminal for the sake of public safety? Will this really make a difference?"
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Submission + - Mpeg2 Editing in Ubuntu Linux

Synchis writes: "I've just switched from Windows to Ubuntu Linux (hooray!), but one of my hobbies is video editing. Is there a frame-level mpeg2 video editing package for linux that is reasonably fast and easy to use? Also, I would love to know what is the best package for authoring DVD's in linux. If I could get these last 2 applications, I would forever be rid of Windows. :)"

Submission + - Keith Henson: Out on Bail

Xetheriel Angelknight writes: "In follow-up to yesterdays news that Keith Henson had been arrested, He has now been released on bail. I was a former colleague of Keith's, and still a good friend of his. While he lived in Canada, I was witness to an incident with a private investigator that was hired by the Scientologists to follow him. Here is the official story on the Free Keith Henson blog. Here is more coverage of the story and details of the bail posting. If required, I'm available for interview on Keith's behalf, as I am in direct contact with him. I know Keith wants to get as much positive publicity on this issue as he can."

Submission + - Google Vulnerability makes for easy phishing

Xetheriel Angelknight writes: "Found this interesting tidbit over on News Forge. From the article: "You might want to be very careful before entering your username and password on any "new" services from Google. Developer Eric Farraro has uncovered a potential hole in Google's Public Search Service that allows a malicious (or mischievous) person to put up a fake Google sign-in page to collect usernames and passwords for real Google services." I guess even google can't be perfect all the time..."

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