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Comment This doesn't scale (Score 1) 296 296

All this does at scale is move "peak" time to be all the time, same goes for just with batteries. The more power you take out of the grid "off hours" is simply skewing those off hours to become peak hours eventually with batteries deploying at scale you'll simply move the peak time and or flatten demand across the entire day/night which while beneficial in the short term doesn't do much long term.

Comment Does School Detention Itself? (Score 1) 804 804

So are they banning French Fries, Pizza and any form of processed frozen food too? Do we get to put the school administrators/state officials in detention for serving crap processed foods to the kids? They're trying to do the right thing, but they're going about it all wrong.

Comment Screenshots - I had this problem! (Score 1) 314 314

I've got one of these notebooks. They've replaced my motherboard twice as well as all the cooling system (fan/heat pipe/etc). I'm confident it's a BIOS level issue, that said, after my third (including orig) motherboard the problem went away. I can play 10+ YouTube videos simultaneously now with no issues, before I couldn't get through a single video. I posted this on my blog including a screen shot of the throttle taking place in Windows Resource Monitor. Nice to hear I wasn't alone.

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Submission + - Asterisk ported to iPhone

Syn Ack writes: "One of the engineers that works in my office spent his weekend porting Asterisk for running on the iPhone. It was done in one weekend. His webpage can be found here with all the details. For obvious reasons Asterisk can't interact with the GSM phone, but he does have it working with SIP phones. A wireless PBX in your pocket! We're not sure what value this has other than showing people just how far you can take an iPhone. If only Apple would open the environment up to development. So if you want a "PBX in your pocket" go grab Matt's code and give it a try."

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