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Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 359

Here is the problem with that in practice. People are still citizens when they move overseas, corporations are not always. Often when corporations move, they become entities of the new nation. The equivalent is like taxing a German citizen on all his income made anywhere even though only 10% was earned in the US.

Now when corporations remain US entities, the income is taxed when it is repatriated if it is made through a subsidiary corporation or as normal if the corporations operate as itself in the foreign country. In the latter, it is just like a citizen earning money overseas.

Comment Re:Could this be used for porn? (Score 1) 33

Why not? I mean you kinda need something besides cocaine to do in between boners. Why not get turned on by the plot just before getting turned on by the content?

Besides, I bet more women would watch more porn if there was a decent plot. Look at the popularity of soft porn like 50 shades of grey.

Comment Re:Oops he did it again (Score 1) 575

What is it that you think he didn't say? Once again he talks about foreigners in the country in his response and you seem to think it is everyone.

You would be a lot closer to the truth and not lying about this if you stopped trying to read into his answers. The transcript you mentioned says trump didn't answer the question they wanted him to answer and instead went directly to people entering the country. And that somehow means something you want him to say in order to advance your narrative. Pathetic.

Comment Re:20/20 hindsight is very common (Score 1) 117

It isn't bit late to blow the whistle now. You see, an election for president is close at hand and the narrative that a Clinton could have saved the world or something but another president fucked it up is important when the Clinton running is largely riding the coat tails of her husband's presidency and her own experience is being touted as a failure that brought us Libya, Russia invading Europe, ISIS or whatever they are calling it now, and many other failed policies while her most touted achievement seems to be time spent flying on airplanes and growing her husband's nonprofit organization which i still do not understand the actual purpose of other than providing salaries to select people.

This is not by accident. A Clinton made us safer and others changed that. Bad things happened because of that change so put a Clinton back in office.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 575

And you are ignoring what he said immediately before and after that in order to change the context of his statements. If the entire line of questions wasn't available, I might agree with you. But it is available and you as well as everyone else making the claim has to ignore the rest of it in order to make the lie work. And that is what your claim is, a flat out lie that is easily found out by looking at the actual statements. He is talking about border security and people entering the country legally in response to the same question line from the same people direct. You are essentially saying that because two or three answers doesn't specifically mention that you can ignore the entire context in order to fabricate a narrative that does not otherwise exist.

Why do you think it is necessary to lie about trump's statement?

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 575

If you can't figure that shit out when it's happening, in real time, then you ain't gonna be a very good President.

I never said he would be a good president or even the president. However, he deserves the criticism about him to be at least honest which I do not think this is. Personally, I am a bit frightened at the thought of him being near the button that could launch Nuclear weapons or in charge of the military.

As for the Mexican rapist and all, I'm not really a fan of Trump and I am not really a fan of illegal immigrants and just don't care enough about it. But lets be honest and truthful here, he did not say all Mexican immigrants were rapist, just the illegals. This is another dishonest line that gets pushed out. The guy is out ranting about illegal immigrants, not legal ones.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 575

I'm genuinely curious what the hard Radical Right is trying to accomplish here. Trump clearly said what he said, and his statements are very appealing to his polling base. Why are you trying so hard to pretend he didn't say what he obviously did say

You are correct that he said what he said, however, you are a lieing about it in your representation of it. It is obvious what he was saying and it doesn't resemble anything you are portraying. How bad is your policies if you have to purposely misrepresent something over some ambiguity that is largely fabricated in order to put someone else's policies down?

Doesn't it bother you that you need to lie and misrepresent someone else in order to maintain your worldview? It should bother you but I'm getting the impression that even if it did, maintaining your worldview- as much as it is built on logical inconsistencies and fabrications as it is, would still be more important than truth and reality. There is little that can be said about your kind other then offering the truth that you reject.

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