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by sumdumass (#48195365) Attached to: Facebook To DEA: Stop Using Phony Profiles To Nab Criminals

Civil asset foreiture as well as eminent domain follow a legal process with appeals routes and so on.

Arresting someone then taking over their account has nothing of the sorts. Creating an account that impersonates someone they arrested in order to entrap someone else doesn't either.

I think it is a bit different.

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The problem is that third parties do not represent the majority of the country and likely a minority of any given area.

I used to think the problem with third parties was that they do not run for local offices and only focus on national offices unlesd it is a plant designed to siphon votes from a particular canditate in order to let a less desirable one get elected. But after looking around a bit, i have concluded that the honest reality is that third parties simply do not have much support. I tend to disagree with less on issues from a candidate with a big party than i disagree with on with the closest counter part third party. Many people feel the same at least on a local level and a third party is a waste on the national level because they will have to either caucus with a big party or fight both of them and end up being ignored.

Third parties simply are not big tent parties and are likely better off running as one of the big parties through the primary process. An example of this is the tea parties (yes, there are more than one).

Now if you disagree, before replying, think about how the tea party republicans have been treated and explain how any third party trying to do something without even partial support of a big party would do any better.

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by sumdumass (#48188673) Attached to: Barometers In iPhones Mean More Crowdsourcing In Weather Forecasts

No shit. I already have an accurate three day forcast for the home and office. Its called a thermostat and airconditioning.

What would be nice is a weekend forecast that would say something different than chance of drunkeness, loud music, and women laughing when you ask them to go home with you. Maybe something like dude, she's a he or crowded- stay home and drink or similar. Of course i'm not sure how a barometer would forcast the mangirl problem. Perhaps i should jusr checkand see if my glasses need updating.

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by sumdumass (#48188223) Attached to: 'Endrun' Networks: Help In Danger Zones

I don't know why. They aren't jamming the interweb or cell phones. Pgp and email will avoid them listening in for anything subvertive.

And ferguson is just a silly distraction that mainly only got attention to play the race card in november. There has been plenty of other skmilar instances that has gained little to no attention since then and before it. The location was simply convienient there.

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by sumdumass (#48186255) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own

Its probably just a weird idea they have because they already did it once back in the 1990s.

Its was more of an interesting idea to me when i purchased one. You had to run a program that would sync it to the watch after you put it in sync mode. It would flicker your monitor with horizonal lines and had an eye on the face that you had to line up just right. Some monitors worked better than others too but it was still hit or miss in my experience.

It would allow you to change alarm tones, sync your outlook address book, set alarms and reminders a year or so in advance and have a small amount of text scroll across the face. I played with for a few months then went back to the watch with a tv remote on it. The bars were so much more fun with it.

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by sumdumass (#48183793) Attached to: Canada Will Ship 800 Doses of Experimental Ebola Drug to WHO

Lol. They did not just throw darts at a stack of papers and decide to try whatever it landed on. These drugs were already being worked on with knowlege of its Ebola interaction already being worked on.

I'm not saying we know evrrything but we certainly do have a better understanding of it than the health benefits of cat purrs.

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by sumdumass (#48183723) Attached to: In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail

Ok I'll bite.

So what is subjective about me saying your commrnt sucks, i hope you choke on a pretzel because everyone on the internet is more stupid now that you postef your opinion? Is that legitimate or malicious in its nature? Is it even trolling or just ill concieved criticism?

And what is with the name Dutch Gun. Is that like a dutch oven but from a distance? What with the ovens over there anyways- do they all smell or something? Was that trolling ir a bad attemp at humor? Was it malicious since it was meant to poke fun at your name or will thejudge laugh and ignore it?

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by sumdumass (#48182281) Attached to: Canada Will Ship 800 Doses of Experimental Ebola Drug to WHO

Sorry, first that should obviously read "incredulous". Second, the idea that experimental drugs have a reasonable chance of being useful, thus providing hope, is just wrong. It is very rare for this to be true. It is essentially performing random activities, something at the level of rain dances. We may as well give the patients a cat to purr on their lap, and tell them the frequencies of the purrs may help the healing process.

Of course this is only true if the virus was not understood and the drugs were not being developed with eventual intent or treating the virus and similar ones. In this case, they did provide hope.

The best we can hope is the side effects are limited and they just waste money. Unfortunately, history (AZT giving people AIDS, Polio vaccine giving people Polio) suggests we should expect much worse when this kind of rushed drug testing occurs.

While I agree with this in principle, the first case of doing this with this disease turned out well so they did it again. Now they are pushing more drugs that have shown promise on paper but not necessarily on patients. We may still see bad side effects with these drugs but the alternative in many cases is death so the level of severity is somewhat subjective.

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by sumdumass (#48182233) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows

Kick the gearbox! This part wasn't about power, it's about consumer markets in general. Do you claim we just can't make enough TVs to satisfy demand? Car lots are empty because they can't get them in as fast as they sell? When is the last time you heard of anyone going to Best Buy and they were told "can't help you, our shelves are empty"? More than one consumer products manufacturer has been caught channel stuffing because production capability well outstripped demand.

My bad, I didn't know you were moving the goal posts. I thought we were still talking about the power generation markets.

As for bailouts, the whole world was screwed by the bubble bursting. Socialist or capitalist hardly mattered. However, by doubling down on the socialism (nationalizing the banks) and a fairly modest bailout loan, Iceland has recovered fairly quickly (more quickly than the U.S.). They also actually prosecuted fraudsters in their banking system. It is well understood that easing back on bank regulation in the early 2000's was a key factor that permitted the crisis.

lol.. All hail socialism then. Am I mocking you? You tell me. One country that actually went bankrupt turned out better than the riots in the streets over the austerity measures in the others. They prosecuted fraudsters in the banking systems in the US too. Of course it was the low level fraudsters who were pushing subprime loans knowing they could package the risk into a swap that would later default but sell it before it did.

Meanwhile, the U.S. proclaimed the crisis over by fiat, but it only ended for Wall Street. It continues to drag on (though with signs of improvement) for the rest of us.Our debt is rising. Iceland's is falling.

ha.. finally something we both completely agree on. Well assuming you believe what you wrote.

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